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10 Levels of the Pentatonic Scale

Pentatonic Scale



15 Essential Beginner Chords

Open Chords

Major & Minor Chords

Dominant 7 Chords

3 Days Blues Rhythm Guitar Challenge

Blues Soloing

Blues Chords

Blues Song

30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar

Jazz Soloing

Jazz Chords

Jazz Jamming

5 Blues Guitar Lessons

Blues Scales

Rootless Blues Chords

Blues Jamming

5 Day Blues Challenge

Blues Riffs

Blues Chords

Blues Jamming

7 Day Jazz Guitar Challenge

Jazz Soloing

Jazz Chords

Jazz Jamming

7 Day Major Scale Challenge

Major Scale Fingerings

Major Scale Soloing

One & Two-Octave Scales


All Blues Study Guide

Scales & Arpeggios

Jazz Blues Chords

Full Jam Session

All The Things You Are Study Guide

ii-V-I Soloing

Rootless Jazz Chords

Full ATTYA Studies

Alone Together Study Guide

Odd-Form Playing

Minor ii-V-I Soloing

Minor Key Chords

Altered Family Colors

7alt Root Shapes

7alt Inversions

7alt Rootless Shapes

Anatomy of a Tune - Jazz Standard Library

Lead Sheets

Soloing Devices

Jazz Chord Shapes

Arpeggios 1 - Major Arpeggios

Major Arpeggio Shapes

Major Arpeggio Patterns

Major Arpeggio Soloing

Arpeggios 2 - Minor Arpeggios

Minor Arpeggio Shapes

Minor Arpeggio Patterns

Minor Arpeggio Soloing

Arpeggios 3 - Diminished Arpeggios

Diminished Arpeggio Shapes

Diminished Arpeggio Patterns

Diminished Arpeggio Soloing

Arpeggios 4 - Augmented Arpeggios

Augmented Arpeggio Shapes

Augmented Arpeggio Patterns

Augmented Arpeggio Soloing

Arpeggios - Library

Triad Arpeggios

Four-Note Arpeggios

Extended Arpeggios

Autumn Leaves Study Guide

Chord Shapes & Comping

Scales, Arpeggios, & Soloing

Full Autumn Leaves Studies


Backing Tracks - Library

Rock, Blues, & Pop

Jazz & Fusion

Lead Sheets & Mp3s

Barre Chords

Major Barre Chords

Minor Barre Chords

m7 & 7 Barre Chords

Beautiful Love Study Guide

Soloing Concepts

Comping Devices

Interactive Jam with Matt

Bebop Scales

Dominant 7th Bebop Scales

Soloing Workouts

Multiple Fingerings

Bebop Soloing Exclusive Live Workshop

Turn Scales Into Solos

Jazz Chromatic Devices

Live Workshop & Replay

Bebop Soloing Patterns

Build Bebop Lines

Turn Scales/Arps Into Solos

Soloing Workouts

Beginner's Guide to Jazz Guitar

Easy Jazz Scales

Easy Jazz Chords

Chromatic Devices

Blues in 12 Keys Jam Session

Slow Blues Jams

Fast Blues Jams

Trading Blues Jams

Blues Guitar 101 - Mode Foundations

Mixolydian Mode

Dorian Mode

Phrygian Dominant Mode

Blues Guitar Chord Essentials

Open Chords

Barre Chords

Extended Chords

Blues Guitar Soloing Essentials

Blues Soloing

12-Bar Blues

Blues Scales

Blues Rhythm 1 - Shuffle Pattern

Slow Shuffle Patterns

Fast Shuffle Patterns

Shuffle Variations

Blues Rhythm 2 - Riff Patterns

SRV Style Riffs

Single-Note Comping

Full Blues Songs

Blues Rhythm 3 - Chords

Open Blues Chords

Blues Barre Chords

Rootless Blues Chords

Blues Rhythm 4 - Rhythms

Blues Chord Rhythms

Combination Rhythms

Counting & Hearing Rhythms

Blues Rhythm 5 - Fills

Lead Fills

Call & Response

Never Lose the Form

Blues Soloing 1 - Blues Scales

Blues Scale Shapes

Soloing Phrasing

Full Blues Jams

Blues Soloing 2 - Call and Response

Call & Answer Phrases

Chords vs. Notes

Spacing & Breathing

Blues Soloing 3 - Phrasing

Leaving Space When Soloing

Odd & Even Phrases

Mixing Textures Over Blues

Blues Soloing 4 - Repetition

Repeating Lines

Full Solos with Repetition

Phrasing with Textures

Blues Soloing 5 - Dynamics

Loud vs. Soft

Blues Soloing Accents

Full Dynamic Range

Body and Soul Study Guide

Jazz Ballad Skills

Soloing Devices

Chords & Comping

Bossa Nova Guitar 1

Bossa Nova Bass

Syncopated Chords

Easy 4-Step Process

Bossa Nova Guitar 2

Extended Bossa Groove

Expanded Syncopation

Full Bossa Songs

Bye Bye Black Bird Study Guide

Jazz Soloing Devices

Comping Shapes & Skills

Interactive Jam Session


CAGED Major Scales

CAGED Major Scale

CAGED Major Chords

CAGED Major Arpeggios

CAGED Mixolydian Scales

CAGED Mixolydian Mode

CAGED 7th Chords

CAGED 7th Arpeggios

Caravan Study Guide

Diminished Soloing

ii V I Chords & Soloing

Latin Grooves

Chops - 15 Minute Workouts

Speed Builders

Coordination Workouts

Dexterity & Stretching

Chord Library

3-Note Chords

Four-Note Chords

Extended Chords

Chord Melody - 15 Minute Workouts

Drop 2 Chord Melody

Rootless Chord Melody

Guide Tone Chord Melody

Chord Melody Essentials Vol 1

Two-Note Chords

Full Chord Melody Song

Arrange Your Own Chord Melodies

Chord Melody Essentials Vol 2

Piano Style Chord Melody

Lenny Breau Concepts

Full Chord Melody Song

Chord-Scale-Arpeggio - Library

Jazz Chords

Jazz Scales

Jazz Arpeggios

Chord Scale Soloing

Chord Scales


Jazz Solos

Chord Soloing - 15 Minute Workouts

Ed Bickert Phrases

Wes Montgomery Devices

George Benson Concepts

Chord Tone Soloing

Chord Tones


Guide Tones

Creative Comping

Rootless Chords

3 to 9 Chords

Chromatic Chord Concepts

Creative Pentatonics

Altered Pentatonic Scales

Pentatonic Scale Pairs

Chromatic Pentatonic Scales


Dominant Family Colors

Root 7th Chords

Rootless 7th Chords

7th Chord Inversions

Drop 2 Chords

Maj7 & m7 Drop 2 Chords

7th and m7b5 Drop 2 Chords

Dim & mMaj7 Drop 2 Chords


Ear Training Library 1 - 2-Note Workouts Library

Aural skills

Notes by ear


Ear Training Library 2 - 3-Note Workouts Library

Aural skills

Notes by ear


Ear Training Library 3 - Triad Workouts Library

Aural skills

Triads by ear


Ear Training Library 4 - Common Chords Library

Maj7 Chords

m7 & 7th Chords

m7b5 & dim7 Chords

Easy 12-bar Blues Chords for Guitar

Open Chords

Barre Chords

Rootless Chords

Easy Guitar Arpeggios


4 Note Arpeggios

Extended Arpeggios

Easy Guitar Scales

Major Scale & Modes

Melodic Minor Scales & Modes

Symmetrical Scales

Easy Guitar Theory

Guitar Reading

Guitar Chords

Guitar Scales

Easy Jazz Guitar Chords

Shell Chords

Inverted Shell Chords

Guide Tones

Easy Jazz Guitar Comping

Chromatic Chords

Jazz Chords

Chord Subs

Easy Jazz Guitar Soloing

Jazz Soloing

Jazz Vocabulary

Jazz Standards

Everything in One ii V I Shape

ii V I Soloing

ii V I Chords

ii V I Vocabulary


Fingerpicking Essentials

Fingerstyle Technique

Single Notes & Chords

Full Fingerstyle Songs

Fly Me to the Moon Study Guide

Charlie Parker

Ed Bickert

ii V I Chords

Freddie Freeloader Study Guide

Jazz Blues

Miles Davis

Lydian Dominant


Guitar Reading Essentials

Note Reading

Rest Reading

Chord Reading


Hammer On

Hammer On Techniques

Hammer On Soloing

Easy Hammer Ons

Have You Met Miss Jones Study Guide

Giant Steps Concepts

Soloing & Comping Workouts

Full Miss Jones Studies


I Fall In Love Too Easily Study Guide

6 ii V I Variations

Chet Baker Concepts

Comping & Soloing Workouts


Jam Session Challenge

Jam Session Soloing

Jam Session Comping

Jam Session Song

Jam Session Workouts

Jam with Matt

Soloing & Comping Concepts

All Styles & Levels

Jam Sessions - 15 Minute Workouts

Pop & Rock Songs

Jazz & Blues Songs

Soloing & Comping Devices

Jazz Arpeggios - 15 Minute Workouts

Arpeggio Fingerings

Soloing with Arpeggios

Arpeggio Vocabulary

Jazz Blues Study Guide

Jazz Blues Chords

Scales & Arpeggios

Jazz Blues Studies

Jazz Chords - 15 Minute Workouts

Jazz Chord Shapes

Jazz Chord Phrases

Comping & Chord Soloing

Jazz Chords 1 - Major ii V I Chords

Major ii V I Chord Shapes

Rhythm Workouts

ii V I Phrases

Jazz Chords 2 - Minor ii V I Chords

Minor ii V I Shapes

Rhythm Patterns

Picking Patterns

Jazz Chords 3 - Jazz Blues Chords

Jazz Blues Chord Shapes

Jazz Blues Rhythms

Jazz Blues Picking

Jazz Chords 4 - Minor Jazz Blues

Minor Blues Chords

Minor Blues Picking

Minor Blues Rhythms

Jazz Chords 5 - Autumn Leaves Chords

Autumn Leaves Chords

Autumn Leaves Picking

Autumn Leaves Rhythms

Jazz Comping Etudes Vol. 1

Jazz Chords


Jazz Standards

Jazz Essentials 4th Chords

7th & Maj7 4th Chords

m7 & m7b5 4th Chords

7alt 4th Chords

Jazz Guitar Practice Guide

Jazz Practicing


Practice Routine

Jazz Guitar Song Challenge

Jazz Soloing Concepts

Easy Jazz Chords

Full Jazz Song

Jazz Jam Session Volume 1

Jam with Matt

Soloing Devices

Comping Concepts

Jazz Jam Session Volume 2

Jam Along with Matt

Soloing Devices

Comping Concepts

Jazz Soloing - 15 Minute Workouts

Jazz Scales & Modes

Jazz Arpeggios

Jazz Lines & Vocabulary

Jazz Soloing 1 - Major ii V I

Major ii V I Scales

Major ii V I Vocabulary

Major ii V I Rhythms

Jazz Soloing 2 - Passing Notes

Jazz Passing Notes

Jazz Chromatic Vocabulary

Jazz Soloing Workouts

Jazz Soloing 3 - Minor ii V I

Minor ii V I Scales

Minor ii V I Vocabulary

Minor ii V I Rhythms

Jazz Soloing 4 - Enclosures

Easy Enclosures

Jazz Scale Vocabulary

Jazz Soloing Devices

Jazz Soloing 5 - Phrasing

Even Phrasing

Odd Phrasing

Phrasing with Textures


Lead Guitar - 15 Minute Workouts

Scales & Arpeggios

Soloing Exercises

Chromatic Devices

Licks - Library

Famous Player Licks

Licks for Every Chord

Essential Progressions Licks


Major Bebop Scale

Major Bebop Shapes

Major Bebop Vocabulary

Major Bebop Soloing

Major Family Colors

Major Family Root Chords

Major Family Rootless Chords

Major Family Inversions

Major ii V I Comping

ii V I Chord Shapes

ii V I Chord Vocabulary

ii V I Chord Variations

Major ii V I Soloing

Soloing with Guide Tones

Major ii V I Scales

Major ii V I Arpeggios

Melodic Blues Comping

Blues Rhythms

Blues Chord Vocabulary

Interactive Blues Rhythm Guitar

Melodic Minor

Melodic Minor Shapes

Melodic Minor Vocabulary

Melodic Minor Soloing

Misty Study Guide

Jazz Ballad

ii-V-I Patterns


Minor Bebop Scale

Minor Bebop Scale Shapes

Minor Bebop Vocabulary

Minor Bebop Soloing

Minor Blues Scale Essentials

Blues Scale Shapes

Blues Scale Soloing

Blues Scale Rhythms

Minor Family Colors

Minor Family Root Chords

Minor Family Inversions

Minor Family Rootless Chords

Minor ii V I Comping

Minor ii V I Chords

Minor ii V I Rhythms

Minor ii V I Phrases

Minor ii V I Soloing

Soloing with Guide Tones

Minor ii V I Scales

Mionr ii V I Arpeggios

Minor Jazz Blues Study Guide

Minor Jazz Blues Soloing

Minor Jazz Blues Chords

Minor Jazz Blues Basslines

Modern Time Study Guide

Soloing Rhythms

Comping Rhythms

Guitar Rhythms

Musicianship - 15 Minute Workouts

Trading Workouts

Keeping the Form Workouts

Interactive Jams


Notes on the Neck

Learn Every Guitar Note

One Easy Formula

Learn by Soloing


Pent Up House Study Guide

Lydian Dominant Scale

ii V I Chords

ii V I Soloing

Picking Fundamentals

Up Picking

Down Picking

Alternate Picking

Pull Offs

Pull Down Technique

Easy Pull Offs

Learn by Soloing


Rhythm Changes Study Guide

Soloing Outlines

Triads for Comping

Full Rhythm Changes Studies

Rhythm Fundamentals 1 - Library

Whole Notes

Half Notes

Rhythm Soloing

Rhythm Fundamentals 2 - Library

Quarter Notes

8th Notes

Scale Rhythms

Rhythm Fundamentals 3 - Library


16th Notes

Essential Rhythms

Rhythm Guitar - 15 Minute Workouts

Chord Shapes

Rhythms & Grooves

Famous Rhythm Riffs

The Rolle

Make Barres Easy

For All Levels

Learn with Improvisation


Samba Guitar 1

Samba Guitar Grooves

Samba Basslines

Full Samba Songs

Samba Guitar 2

Samba Guitar Grooves

Samba Basslines

Full Samba Songs

Scales Explained

Pentatonic & Blues Scales

Major & Minor Scales

Diminished & Whole Tone Scales

Scales 1 - Minor Pentatonic Scale

Minor Pentatonic Shapes

Minor Pentatonic Soloing

Minor Pentatonic Rhythms

Scales 2 - Major Pentatonic Scale

Major Pentatonic Shapes

Major Pentatonic Soloing

Major Pentatonic Rhythms

Scales 3 - Blues Scale

Blues Scale Shapes

Blues Scale Soloing

Blues Scale Rhythms

Scales 4 - Major Scale

Major Scale Shapes

Major Scale Soloing

Major Scale Rhythms

Scales 5 - Minor Scale

Minor Scale Shapes

Minor Scale Soloing

Minor Scale Rhythms

Scales Library

Major Scales & Modes

Minor Scales & Modes

Symmetrical Scales


Up Shifting

Down Shifting

Mixed Shifting


Up Slides

Down Slides

Mixed Slides

Solar Study Guide

Major ii V I Vocabulary

Minor ii V I Vocabulary

Miles Davis Concepts

Solo Blues Guitar

Blues Soloing

Solo Guitar

Blues Chords

Soloing Over Chords - Library

Scales - Modes


Triad Pairs

Spain Study Guide

Chick Corea

Samba Rhythm

Harmonic Minor

Strumming Fundamentals

Up Strumming

Down Strumming

Alternate Strumming

Summertime Study Guide

Soloing Concepts

Comping Skills

Full Summertime Studies


Technique Workout Library




The Nearness Of You Study Guide

Jazz Ballad

Chet Baker

ii-V-I Chords

There is No Greater Love Study Guide

Solo Guitar Intro & Outro

Comping & Soloing

Jam Session with Matt

Triad Library

Major & Minor Triads

Diminished & Augmented Triads

Closed & Spread Triads


One-Fret Trills

Two-Fret Trills

All 6 Strings

Tritone Substitution 1 - Comping

Tritone Sub Chords

Tritone Sub Chord Vocabulary

Creative Workouts

Tritone Substitution 2 - Soloing

Tritone Sub Scales

Tritone Sub Chord Vocabulary

Tritone Sub Arpeggios

Tritone Substitution 3 - Vocabulary

Tritone Sub Soloing Vocabulary

Tritone Sub Chord Vocabulary

Tritone Sub Chromatic Vocabulary

Tritone Substitution 4 - Jam Session

Jazz Blues Jam

Ladybird Jam

Tune Up Jam


Coltrane Patterns

Jazz Soloing

Jazz Comping


Walking Basslines

4 Easy Steps

Half Time & Full Time

Full Walking Songs

Warm Up Library




Watermelon Man Study Guide

Herbie Hancock

Cominant 7th Chords

Jazz Blues Soloing

Wave Study Guide

Bossa Nova Comping

Brazilian Jazz Soloing

Mixed ii V I Devices


Yesterdays Study Guide

Wes Montgomery Concepts

Minor Key Chords

Minor Soloing Devices