Study Guide Intro

Welcome to the Autumn Leaves Study Guide!

In this extensive guide you find workshops, jam sessions, exercises, and more that help you master this essential jazz standard.

As Autumn Leaves is played in two common keys, you find material in both Gm and Em for Autumn Leaves below.

You can learn one key at a time, or if you're more experienced, try transposing material from one key to the other.

With any jazz standard, your goal is to play the melody, comp the chords, and solo over the progression.

There are infinite ways to accomplish that goal, so go with what's best for you.

Start by learning the melody, then explore comping over the tune with chords you know and add in some chords from the material below.

From there, solo over the tune as you build your foundation in playing Autumn Leaves.

Once your foundation is built, you can start to expand your chord and soloing vocabulary as you extend your jazz guitar skills and Autumn Leaves jamming confidence.

Have fun with this jazz standard, post any questions in the comments below any lesson, and I'll be glad to help you any way I can in your jazz guitar journey.

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