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In this blues lesson, you:

  1. Jam with Matt.
  2. Comp with real blues chords.
  3. Get Matt's insider blues tips.
  4. Add soloing vocabulary.
  5. And more...

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What You Learn



Jam in the style of your favorite artists, albums, and musical genres.

  • Classic rock songs.
  • Jazz jam session favorites.
  • Blues and funk jams.
  • Much more…


Learn how to play over any chord progression with confidence and authentic vocabulary.

  • Rock and pop essentials.
  • Country chord-change classics.
  • ii-V-I and other jazz progressions.
  • Much more…


Get on up, get down, and get your grooooove on with these fun and exciting jam sessions.

  • Build rhythm confidence.
  • Nail complex grooves in any style.
  • Bring out your personality.
  • Much more…

Easy-to-Follow Lessons for Every Learning Style

The step-by-step guidance you need, with the personal attention you deserve.

Who is This For?


New to Jamming

You listen to creative guitarists and are ready to express yourself on guitar.

  • Easy jam session lessons.
  • Learn by playing real songs.
  • Build your improv vocabulary.
  • Much more…

Stuck in a Rut

You're comfortable jamming over songs, but are stuck in funk & can't get out.

  • Hear chords & rhythms.
  • New soloing concepts.
  • Explore new improv devices.
  • Much more…

Expand Creativity

You're tired of the same boring, old exercises and are ready to get creative.

  • Express yourself on guitar.
  • Love to improvise chords.
  • Enjoy creative workouts.
  • Much more…

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

Play at your own pace, there’s no deadline to finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you sign up for lifetime access you can use the course 24/7/365, no limitations.

What if I decide this course isn’t for me?

I’m happy to give you a refund within the first 30 days after your enrollment date, no questions asked.

What type of guitar do I need for this course?

You can use a nylon string, electric, or acoustic guitar for this course. Any guitar is cool, so go with what’s comfortable for you.

What do I do if I need help?

Contact Matt on the Help Page to receive expert support 7 days a week.

The MWG Difference



Benefit from Matt's lifetime of studying, performing, and teaching players of all experience levels.

  • Doctorate in Jazz Performance
  • 25+ Years Teaching Guitar
  • 2000+ Live Performances
  • 8000+ Private Lessons Taught
  • 2500+ Online Lessons Published


Discover a welcoming and encouraging community of guitarists just like yourself.

  • Welcoming group of guitarists.
  • Friendly, global community
  • Encouragement from your peers.
  • Learn from fellow players.
  • Make guitar friends for life.


Reach your maximum potential on your own schedule with expert, personalized guidance.

  • Personal learning pathways.
  • Tailored ways to learn.
  • Options for every learning style.
  • Learn by jamming with Matt.
  • Unique performance guidance.