Get Rid of Pull Off Mistakes for Good

Learning how to do pull-offs is an essential journey that every guitarist has to take in their development. 

Pull offs allow you to play 2 notes with one pluck, bringing a smooth, legato sound into your lines, licks, riffs, and solos. 

While many players learn how to pull off quickly, few learn how to pull off properly

By pulling down, rather than pulling off, you can snap the string as you pull off between any two notes. 

When pulling down, rather than pulling off the fretboard, each note has full volume, full tone, and comes to life in your playing

Get rid of “flying finger syndrome” with these 3 pull off, or should I say pull down, exercises. 

With every pull off, make sure to keep your finger close to the strings, pull down not out, and rest your finger on the string below to finish the pull off. 

Doing so will seem awkward at first if you have flying fingers, but with a little time, you’ll be playing pull-offs before you know it.

Check out the video, work the exercises below, and have fun as you build rock-solid pull-offs on guitar. 

Pull-Off Exercise 1

To begin, here’s a 2-1 pull-off exercise between the 13th and 12th frets. 

You start up high to make it easier on your fretting hand with this first pull-off workout, as the frets are closer together this high up on the neck. 

Once 13-12 pull-offs are comfortable, repeat the exercise by moving down the neck one fret. 

So, you pull off from 12-11, then 11-10, then 10-9, etc. as you work your way down the fretboard to the more spread out frets in this workout.

Go slow, use a metronome, and focus on clarity and accuracy as you begin your pull-off workout with this first exercise.

Pull-Off Exercise 2

You now move down the neck to stretch out your 2nd and 3rd fingers as the frets are further apart with this 6-5 pull off workout. 

Go slow, work without any tempo, to begin with to make sure you’re nailing the technique, using a relaxed hand, and sounding the notes clearly. 

When that’s cool, add in a slow metronome as you bring tempo into the mix. 

Have fun as you expand your pull-off technique and build your overall guitar chops with this pull off workout. 

Pull-Off Exercise 3

The final exercise today brings a stretch into the mix as you play the 7-5 frets using pull-offs with your 2nd and 1st fingers. 

Go slow with this exercise, start without any tempo and bring a metronome in when ready. 

Focus on keeping your index finger down as you pull-off from the first note even if it’s a stretch. 

This might be too big a span for your fingers to reach right now, and that’s ok. 

Do your best, mark this exercise, and come back to it if needed over time as your fingerings stretch out more on the guitar

Have fun as you finish this pull-off workout.