Beginner’s Guide to Jazz Guitar

Play jazz guitar with authentic vocabulary and a strong swing feel.

  • Easy Jazz Chords
  • Jazz Picking & Rhythms
  • Classic Bebop Vocabulary
  • Solo Over ii-V-I Progressions

What You Learn

ii-V-I Soloing Skills

Jazz Picking Patterns

Easy Bebop Vocabulary

ii-V-I Chord Shapes

Essential Jazz Rhythms

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What You Get With the BGJG:

  • 7 Easy Jazz Video Lessons
  • Beginner Jazz Guitar PDFs
  • TAB, Notation, & Diagrams
  • ii-V-I Backing Tracks
  • Feedback on Your Playing
  • Every Jazz Question Answered
  • Expert Jazz Guidance
  • Lifetime Access...FREE
"My guitar playing, overall musicianship, and appreciation of jazz has thrived as a result of these lessons. I can’t say enough about Matt and MWG." - Gord S. - Canada

What You Learn

ii-V-I Soloing Skills

Jazz Picking Patterns

Easy Bebop Vocabulary

ii-V-I Chord Shapes

Essential Jazz Rhythms

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Che Bonilla, MWG Guitarist

Beginner jazz guitarist learned to comp, solo, & build chord melodies.

Before MWG

  • Struggled with soloing over standards.
  • Didn’t know how to build or use jazz chords.
  • Couldn’t play scales, modes, or arpeggios.

After MWG

  • Soloing over standards with sidestepping, enclosures, & more.
  • Nailing chord-scale relationships and how to solo with modes.
  • Creating chord melodies over jazz standards.

“Being a part of MWG is like having a personal jazz guitar teacher who shows up regularly at your home whenever you need them. Matt's always there to answer ANY question, regardless of level or how simple you think the question is. The support I receive has taken my playing way beyond my expectations.” – Che Bonilla - USA

Essential Jazz Guitar Skills & Concepts

Melodic Comping - Authentic Soloing - Strong Swing Feel

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Play Better Jazz Guitar

Approach Chords - Passing Notes - ii-V-I Progressions