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Say Hello

Reply to the welcome email and let me know your current guitar goals and skill level. You can give as much or as little detail as you have or are comfortable with right now.

Personalized Practice Routine

I will send you back an individualized practice routine aimed at nailing your current guitar goals. The routine comes with direct links to MWG lessons to practice.

Play & See Progress

Start in on your personal practice routine. Keep me updated as needed with any hurdles, wins, or questions you have for quick & direct help along your journey.

Get Direct Feedback

Post unlimited video or audio in the MWG Studio to get direct feedback from me on your playing as well as encouragement from other MWG members and guitarists.

Take a Guided Tour

All members get a 15-minute orientation of MWG. When ready, book your call, and we'll meet on Zoom as I show you around MWG and how the website helps you reach your guitar goals.

Real World Jazz Experiences

Join in on the interactive daily jams and weekly workshops, listening sessions, and full jam sessions as you learn by playing with me directly in a fun & stress-free environment.

Report, Adjust, & Grow

Send me a short update each month on how you are progressing with the current practice routine and I'll send back an updated routine with new material and lessons to match your progress.

The MWG Studio Members Community

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Why MWG Is Perfect for Your Jazz Guitar Journey?

Join MWG and fast-track your journey from jazz guitar enthusiast to confident jazz guitarist.

Direct, Expert Instruction

Direct access to a single expert jazz guitar educator, armed with a Doctoral degree and extensive international playing experience. This gives you a deeper knowledge base, continuity in learning, and rapid response to your queries.

Cost-Effective Learning

Experience valuable learning at a fraction of the cost of private lessons. For just $29/month or $299/year, enjoy unlimited access and personalized insights compared to limited interaction at 100/hour for private jazz lessons.

Time-Efficient Learning

Steer clear of fragmented learning from disjointed lesson snippets. MWG promotes a streamlined, cohesive educational experience, saving you from the inefficiency and confusion of aimless YouTube surfing.

Guided & Organized Content

Over 275 self-paced courses with notation, Mp3s, video, & TAB. Organized by topic & experience level. Subtitles in English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Czech.

Customized Learning

Experience personalized learning tailored to your progress history, complete with goal setting and updates through direct interaction with the instructor, offering truly bespoke guidance on your musical journey.

Engaging MWG Studio

Post your videos, audios, and graphics on our 'MWG Studio' platform. Benefit from 24/7 feedback from our international community of over 700 members and direct insights from the instructor, fostering your growth and development.

Daily Lessons and Workshops

Participate in daily workouts, including jam sessions, jazz standard studies, listening sessions, guest classes, and more. It's a unique blend of activities designed to complement your learning and bring diversity to your study routine.

Real World Preparation

Join in on daily jam sessions and prepare for real-life scenarios. We guide you through session etiquette and repertoire choices, equipping you for the dynamic world of jazz performances.

Happy MWG Guitarists

Join MWG and supercharge your jazz guitar skills.

Let's take your jazz guitar journey to new heights together.

Transform Your Jazz Guitar Skills with MWG

Unlock Your Jazz Guitarist Potential with Our Comprehensive Tools and Resources.

Repertoire Building

Boost your repertoire with our 'Tune of the Month' feature. We provide refreshers to ensure retention and progression to advanced comping and improvisation.

Comprehensive Workshop Access

Take advantage of workshops and expert advice on guitar maintenance from an experienced technician, included with your membership at no extra cost.

Exclusive Jazz Events

Immerse yourself in our annual 7-day online jazz guitar summer camp, a unique experience only available to our valued community members.

Custom Progress Tracking

Track your growth and visualize your progress with our interactive tool designed for jazz guitarists.

Personalized Practice Routines

Unlock your potential with our unique 'Individualized Lesson Plans'. We'll provide tailor-made practice routines to guide your learning journey and maximize your progression.

Guitar Tone & Effects Workshops

Boost your sonic palette with exclusive access to workshops and advice on guitar tone, amps, and effects from an experienced guitarist, included in your membership at no extra cost.

Enjoy the Journey

We make learning jazz fun, so you can't wait to play every day. Our interactive daily lessons, jams, and workshops deepen your understanding and fine-tune your techniques.

Music Fundamentals Study Groups

Build a solid foundation with free access to our music fundamentals study groups. Dive into music reading, ear training, music theory, and technique.

More Happy MWG Guitarists

Unleash Your Jazz Guitar Potential with MWG

Embark on a transformative journey towards jazz guitar mastery.

Join MWG and supercharge your jazz guitar skills.

Let's take your jazz guitar journey to new heights together.

Harvey Willensky, Player Profile

Classical guitarist falls in love with jazz, improvising, and chord melodies.

Before MWG

  • I wanted to improvise and play more freely.
  • I'd never played with a group or backing track.
  • Rhythms when soloing and comping were a struggle.
  • I got lost in the form and couldn't hear chord changes.

After MWG

  • I can improvise over standards in real time.
  • My timing & rhythm has improved dramatically.
  • My arrangements and chord melodies have improved significantly.
  • Listening to jazz is more enjoyable. I now understand what I’m hearing.

“I’ve been playing classical guitar for 60 years, and jazz for 5. MWG’s structure, material, and support has given more experience and growth than any other musical learning experience I’ve ever had. Not only has MWG improved my jazz playing, it’s improved my classical playing as well.” – Harvey Willensky - USA

Join MWG and supercharge your jazz guitar skills.

Let's take your jazz guitar journey to new heights together.

Jerry Battista, MWG Member

Big band guitarist making huge strides with comping, soloing, and jam session confidence.

Before MWG

  • 55 years playing guitar, 15 years in a jazz big band.
  • Needed to improve my improvisational skills.
  • Struggled to comp melodically without a pianist to help.
  • Over-analyzing and overthinking when soloing. (Performance anxiety)

After MWG

  • Relaxed and spontaneous comping with better voice leading.
  • Soloing is much more fluid.
  • Uninhibited by fear of “breaking rules or “making embarrassing mistakes.”
  • Confidence at jam sessions is greatly improved.

“MWG offers a rich on-line learning resource and organized curriculum for jazz guitarists at all levels and all ages. Matt’s courses, camps, workshops, office hours, and daily exercises are extremely helpful. His depth of knowledge on jazz harmony and the guitarist’s unique role is exceptional. He teaches material in a relaxed, friendly, and humble manner. He openly exchanges “tricks of the trade” and promptly responds to student questions, sometimes within minutes!” - Jerry Battista - Canada

Che Bonilla, Player Profile

This shy guitarist learned to comp, solo, & build chord melodies over standards.

Before MWG

  • Struggled with soloing over standards.
  • Didn’t know how to build or use jazz chords.
  • Couldn’t play scales, modes, or arpeggios.

After MWG

  • Soloing over standards with sidestepping, enclosures, & more.
  • Nailing chord-scale relationships and how to solo with modes.
  • Creating chord melodies over jazz standards.

“Being a part of MWG is like having a personal guitar teacher who shows up regularly at your home, whenever you need them, to clarity every issue. Matt's always there to answer ANY question, regardless of level or how simple you think the question is. The amount of material on MWG is enough to maintain your music education for years. On top of that, All Access members are the most helpful, warm, and kind folks out there. I started out shy, unwilling to post videos. Now I post almost daily and the support I receive has taken my playing way beyond my expectations.” – Che Bonilla - USA

Unleash Your Jazz Guitar Potential with MWG

Embark on a transformative journey towards jazz guitar mastery.

David Williams, Player Profile

Telecaster player who’s comping and soloing in that cool Ed Bickert style.

Before MWG

  • My main problem was jazz, jazz, and jazz.
  • Struggled with creative comping and soloing.
  • Understanding, hearing, and following chord changes.
  • Being comfortable with jazz as it seemed like a mystery to me.

After MWG

  • Comping melodically over jazz standards.
  • Following chord changes without sheet music.
  • Dynamics and phrasing are greatly improved.
  • Able to transcribe melodies, chords, and solos by ear.

“My MWG experience has been amazing. I love the interaction between students in the studio, workshops and camps. It makes me feel comfortable learning guitar in an encouraging environment. The daily exercises motivate me to keep practicing (even though I don’t get to them all). I also appreciate Matt’s passion for the guitar, his expertise, and teaching philosophy. He's always encouraging me on my guitar journey! It's also fun to see other students grow as they practice and learn. Thank you, Matt, the MWG team, and fellow MWG members for making this a fantastic place to hang out and learn jazz guitar together!” – David Williams - Canada

Colin Gardiner, Player Profile

Procrastinating guitarist who now plays jazz every day.

Before MWG

  • Wanted to learn jazz guitar, but never started.
  • Had a cancer scare in my family, made me reassess my priorities.
  • Procrastinated in my jazz learning process.
  • Jazz seemed too complex, something I would never learn.

After MWG

  • Removed all personal doubts about playing jazz.
  • Have a consistent practice routine and seeing growth.
  • Playing full jazz standards with confidence.
  • Understand jazz concepts and how to use them in my playing.

“Matt is a terrific teacher. Very knowledgeable and always available. He works hard to make sure that players of all levels are find their way on their jazz guitar journey. As well, the Studio accelerates your progress and expands your interaction with other jazz guitarists. Between the courses, workshops, and Studio, MWG has all the bases covered. I recommend MWG to everyone wanting to learn jazz guitar and guitar in general.” – Colin Gardiner - Australia

Join MWG and supercharge your jazz guitar skills.

Let's take your jazz guitar journey to new heights together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes MWG unique compared to other online guitar courses?

MWG is special because we provide a very personalized experience similar to private lessons, but cheaper. We give direct help in daily lessons, live workshops, and through email or chat. Your goal to improve in jazz guitar is our main focus.

2. Do I have to commit for a long time?

No. You can cancel your subscription at any time, giving you the flexibility you need.

3. What will I be able to use when I sign up?

Everything. As soon as you sign up, you can use every course, library, workshop, and the Studio. You can start learning jazz guitar right away.

4. Can I ask Matt my questions directly?

Yes! You can send your questions via comments, instant message, email, or in the studio. We aim to provide quick answers every day of the week.

5. What if I can't keep up with the lessons?

With MWG, you can't fall behind. Every lesson is designed for you to learn at your own speed and time. You can keep track of completed lessons and easily continue where you left off, no matter how long you've been away.

6. Is the course too hard for beginners?

No. MWG caters to all skill levels, from beginners just starting with notes and open chords, to more advanced players looking to dive into deeper jazz concepts. MWG is your complete guide to learning guitar, no matter where you start.

7. What does the 30-day money-back guarantee mean?

We are confident in our program's quality, so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not happy within the first 30 days, we'll return your money. No questions asked.

8. Can I try it out before I buy?

Yes, you can! We offer a 7-day free trial for you to explore MWG and see if it's the right fit for you. You'll have access to all the features and resources during your trial.

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Listen to Matt: Homecoming

Album cover

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my debut solo jazz guitar album called Homecoming.

This album is very personal to me, as it tells the story of my return to my hometown in Northern Ontario after being away for 25 years.

The songs on this album are inspired by my experiences of reconnecting with my roots, my family, and my community.

Northern Ontario is a unique and special place, with its vast wilderness, rugged landscapes, and friendly people.

These themes are reflected in the music, which ranges from soulful ballads to upbeat swing numbers.

I have poured my heart and soul into this project, and I hope that you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Homecoming is now available for streaming and download on all major digital platforms, including:

I would be honored if you would take the time to listen to the album.

Thank you for your support, and I hope that you enjoy Homecoming.