What You Learn


Open Chords

Learn every open chord with accurate technique and confidence on the fretboard.

  • Major chords.
  • Minor chords.
  • 7th chords.
  • Much more…

Classic Progressions

Learn new techniques by playing your favorite chord progressions. Spend hours of fun playing your guitar.

  • Based on real songs.
  • Learn songs by ear.
  • Be able to jam with others.
  • Much more…

Chord Technique

Maximum results with minimum effort. Keep your hands healthy and level up your skillset.

  • Play with relaxed hands.
  • Switch chords effortlessly.
  • Play for hours, never get tired.
  • Much more…

Course Preview

Take a sneak peek into the course. Check it out for yourself!

MWG Learning System

1  Learn a new device or concept.
2  Internalize on the fretboard.
3  Apply to a real-life, jam situation.

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