30 Days Sample Lesson Listing

This course covers every essential element of jazz guitar. Complete with PDFs, Mp3 downloads, and a live workshop. View a sampling of the course contents below.

Minor Pentatonic Scale in Jazz

Begin at the beginning...with the most powerful and essential scale in modern music. Use the pentatonic to create authtentic jazz lines and solos right from day 1.

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Jazz Soloing Vocabulary

Learn the ins and outs of how your favorite players turn scales and arpeggios into cool-sounding jazz phrases.

Jazz Chords & Comping

Discover easy to play chords that make jamming over jazz standards a blast. Everything you need to comp any and every jazz tune is in this course.

Rhythmic Concepts

Take your chords to the next level as you explore essential, easy, and fun jazz rhythms in your comping.

Jam Sessions

Learn by jamming over real jazz standards. Solidify your new jazz skills by comping and soloing together over jazz blues, Summertime, Autumn Leaves, and more.