Melodic minor is one of the most important scale and scale system that any guitarist can learn and apply to their soloing.

This scale, and its related modes, bring new colors into your solos such as mMaj7, 13susb9, maj7#5, 7#11, and more.

While you know that melodic minor is important to learn, you may not know how to practice or apply this scale to your solos.

In this lesson, you learn how to play two must know positions of the melodic minor scale and apply it to the first 4 bars of a minor jazz-blues form.

I love this application of melodic minor because it allows you to add the mMaj7 and 7alt sounds to your solos and develop your melodic ideas.

By playing one idea over Am7, then repeating it or slightly altering it over A7alt, you create a continuity in your solos that helps connect with the listener.

It also allows you to play sophisticated jazz lines and solos over the minor blues without having to use a ton of material, one scale is all you need.

Have fun as you dig into melodic minor and use it in your solos over an A minor jazz blues progression.

Click here to use the melodic minor in your solos over an A minor jazz blues progression.