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"Nobody breaks down and explains Brazilian rhythms like Matt. When I first saw the course, I was like "Let's see how this Gringo messed up." And you know what, I was shocked how well Matt presented the material. It's 100% authtentic and Brazilian!" - Fred (Brazilian MWG Guiitarist)

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What You Learn

Easy Bossa Chords

Classic Bossa Rhythms

Brazilian Accents

Full Jazz Standards

Bossa Soloing Skills

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What You Get

  • 180 Bossa Guitar Lessons
  • 9 Bossa Guitar Courses
  • 115 PDFs Full of Exercises
  • 63 Video Lessons
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"My guitar playing has not just improved, it's transformed. The joy and depth I now experience with guitar is beyond words. Matt and MWG have been game-changers." - Gord S. Montreal

What You Learn

Easy Bossa Chords

Classic Bossa Rhythms

Brazilian Accents

Full Jazz Standards

Bossa Soloing Skills

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Jerry Battista, MWG Member

Big band guitarist making huge strides with comping, soloing, and jam session confidence.

Before MWG

  • 55 years playing guitar, 15 years in a jazz big band.
  • Needed to improve my improvisational skills.
  • Struggled to comp melodically without a pianist to help.
  • Over-analyzing and overthinking when soloing. (Performance anxiety)

After MWG

  • Relaxed and spontaneous comping with better voice leading.
  • Soloing is much more fluid.
  • Uninhibited by fear of “breaking rules or “making embarrassing mistakes.”
  • Confidence at jam sessions is greatly improved.

“MWG offers a rich on-line learning resource and organized curriculum for jazz guitarists at all levels and all ages. Matt’s courses, camps, workshops, office hours, and daily exercises are extremely helpful. His depth of knowledge on jazz harmony and the guitarist’s unique role is exceptional. He teaches material in a relaxed, friendly, and humble manner. He openly exchanges “tricks of the trade” and promptly responds to student questions, sometimes within minutes!” - Jerry Battista - Canada

Happy MWG Guitarists!

Level Up Your Bossa Guitar Skills

Experience the joy of playing Bossa Nova guitar

Bossa Nova Guitar Essentials:

Embark on a rhythmic journey through the heart of Brazil with our Bossa Nova guitar course.

1. Bossa Nova Rhythms

Immerse yourself in the smooth, pulsating rhythms of Bossa Nova, the foundation of this iconic Brazilian style.

2. Samba Rhythms

Master the energetic and lively Samba rhythms, a vital skill for any aspiring Bossa Nova guitarist.

3. Partido Alto Rhythm

Explore the Partido Alto rhythm, a unique syncopated beat that's essential for Brazilian music enthusiasts.

4. Brazilian Soloing

Learn the art of Brazilian soloing, blending melodic beauty with rhythmic complexity.

5. Girl From Ipanema

Dive into 'Girl From Ipanema', a Bossa Nova classic, perfecting its melody and chord progression.

6. Wave

Get to grips with 'Wave', another Bossa Nova standard, and enhance your performance repertoire.

7. Black Orpheus

Explore the captivating melodies and harmonies of 'Black Orpheus', a must-play for any Bossa Nova guitarist.

8. Corcovado

Uncover the nuances of 'Corcovado', learning to play this timeless tune with authentic Bossa Nova flair.

Level Up Your Bossa Guitar Skills

Experience the joy of playing Bossa Nova guitar

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Any contracts or commitments?

None. You sign up for the course, pay once (or use the 2-monthly payments option), and get instant lifetime access.

2. Is the cost worth it for the course experience?

Absolutely! One or two payments provides you with lifetime access to all course material whenever you like. This investment in your musical education offers excellent value and allows you to revisit the material at your convenience.

3. How much time do I need to commit to the course?

The online course offers flexibility in terms of time commitment. Access on any device, at any time, so you can learn at your pace and on your schedule. Hit "Click and Continue" when you finish any chapter to pick up where you left off at any time.

4. Is the course suitable for my skill level?

Yes! This course caters to a range of skill levels, from newbies to intermediate players. The curriculum is designed to provide valuable insights and techniques for everyone, ensuring a fulfilling and beneficial experience.

5. What kind of ongoing support can I expect?

In addition to lifetime access to the course material, you also receive follow-up support, such as technical and musical questions and practice tips. As your instructor, I'm committed to supporting your ongoing growth and development as a guitarist.

7. Will the course content be applicable to my playing and musical goals?

Definitely! The course covers a wide range of topics and techniques, designed to enhance your skills and help you achieve your fretboard goals.

8. Are the lessons downloadable?

All PDF, audio examples, and backing tracks are downloadable. Videos are streamed online.

9. What's available to me when I sign up?

Everything. As soon as you sign up, you get full access to every lesson, video, PDF, and backing track.

10. Can I ask you questions directly?

For sure. You can contact me through the comments, instant messenge, email, or carrier pigeon for a super fast response 7 days a week.

11. What if I fall behind?

You can’t fall behind. Every lesson is built so that you work at your own pace and on your schedule. You can even keep track of completed lessons to pick up where you left off after any time away.

12. What if I buy the course and it's not for me?

Not a problem. Let me know within 30 days for a full refund no questions asked.

Level Up Your Bossa Guitar Skills

Experience the joy of playing Bossa Nova guitar

Meet Your Guide: Matt Warnock

Welcome to your jazz guitar journey. I'm Matt Warnock, your guide and fellow student of this beautiful art.

Just like you, I wasn't born a jazz guitar master. I spent years honing my skills and overcoming the challenges that came my way.

My goal? To make learning jazz guitar an enjoyable, accessible experience - because I truly believe that anyone can embrace the magic of jazz guitar.

From playing in various parts of the world to creating a platform that simplifies learning, I've focused on helping students like you discover the joy of jazz guitar, regardless of your background or goals.

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