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Melody, Soloing, Comping, & More

Everything you need to play All of Me with creativity & confidence is in this study guide.

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"This gave me the answer to my lifetime search to know 'How does the ii-V-I progression work? I have waited for such a course for a long time...Bravo Matt for this huge initiative!" - Ramy (An Inspired MWG Guitarist)

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What You Learn

Melody & Chord Melody

Scales & Arpeggios

Chords & Jazz Rhythms

Soloing Devies

Jam Session Skills

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What You Get With this Course:

  • 7 Hours of Videos
  • 12 PDF Lessons
  • TAB, Notation, & Diagrams
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"My jazz guitar playing, overall musicianship, and appreciation of music has thrived as a result of these lessons. I can’t say enough about Matt and MWG." - Gord S. - Canada

What You Learn

Melody & Chord Melody

Scales & Arpeggios

Chords & Jazz Rhythms

Soloing Devies

Jam Session Skills

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Harvey Willensky, Player Profile

Classical guitarist falls in love with jazz, improvising, and chord melodies.

Before MWG

  • I wanted to improvise and play more freely.
  • I'd never played with a group or backing track.
  • Rhythms when soloing and comping were a struggle.
  • I got lost in the form and couldn't hear chord changes.

After MWG

  • I can improvise over standards in real time.
  • My timing & rhythm has improved dramatically.
  • My arrangements and chord melodies have improved significantly.
  • Listening to jazz is more enjoyable. I now understand what I’m hearing.

“I’ve been playing classical guitar for 60 years, and jazz for 5. MWG’s structure, material, and support has given more experience and growth than any other musical learning experience I’ve ever had. Not only has MWG improved my jazz playing, it’s improved my classical playing as well.” – Harvey Willensky - USA

Play an Essential Jazz Standard

Melody - Soloing Skills - Jazz Chords

Master "All of Me" with this Study Guide:

Get jam session ready as you nail down the melody, chords, & soloing to this jazz standard.

1. Single Note Melody

Dive into the basic essence of "All of Me", laying a strong foundation for more complex techniques.

2. Chord Melody

Expand your skills & performance chops with fun, accessible All of Me chord melody.

3. Creative Comping

Enhance your rhythm skills, complementing solos or vocal lines in the most imaginative ways.

4. Improvisation

Solo with freedom, creativity, and personality as you build essential jazz improvisational skills.

5. Jazz Vocabulary

Equip yourself with the language of jazz, incorporating classic licks and phrases into your All of Me solos & chords.

6. Master Jazz Form

Understand the structure and progression of jazz pieces, making sure you never get lost in a jam session again.

7. Learn by Playing

Learn directly from my almost 30 years of jazz guitar experience as we play together in interactive All of Me jams & workshops.

8. Jam Session Ready

Be ready to join any jam session, confidently showcasing your "All of Me" creativity.

Play an Essential Jazz Standard

Melody - Soloing Skills - Jazz Chords

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Any contracts or commitments?

None. You sign up for the course and get instant lifetime access.

2. Are the lessons downloadable?

All PDF, audio examples, and backing tracks are downloadable. Videos are streamed online.

3. What's available to me when I sign up?

Everything. As soon as you sign up, you get full access to every lesson, video, PDF, and backing track.

4. Can I ask you questions directly?

For sure. You can contact me through the comments, instant messenge, email, or carrier pigeon for a super fast response 7 days a week.

5. What if I fall behind?

You can’t fall behind. Every lesson is built so that you work at your own pace and on your schedule. You can even keep track of completed lessons to pick up where you left off after any time away.

6. What if I buy the course and it's not for me?

Not a problem. Let me know within 30 days for a full refund no questions asked.