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Just getting started on guitar? Been playing for a while and need a refresher? This pathway is for you.

In these courses, you build a rock-solid foundation with open chords, barre chords, scales, picking, strumming, fingerpicking, and much more.

Everything you need to get started on your guitar journey the right way is here.

The spotlight shines down on you. Legions of rabid fans cheer your every note. Your fingers are flying across the fretboard so fast it catches fire. Well, ok, maybe guitar fame isn’t for everyone, but guitar soloing is for every player.

With these essential lead courses, you learn soloing fundamentals such as scales, arpeggios, chromatic lines, patterns, and much more. Channel your inner guitar hero with this pathway.

Love to strum chords? Fingerpick your favorite song? Or, do you love to lay down a funky groove and get lost in the music? Whatever your rhythm guitar vibe, we’ve got you covered in this pathway.

Learn essential rhythm guitar techniques and have fun in the practice room. Get groovy, get down, and get back, with these captivating courses.

If you try to play guitar without strong fundamental skills and techniques, you’re going to deal with wayyyyy too much frustration.

In this pathway, you learn how to hammer, pull off, shift, slide, trill, and more as you build your technique, explore the fretboard, and master the essential techniques every guitarist needs to know.

Do you want to learn jazz skills, play full jazz songs, and ditch the frustration you find with other lessons? If so, this pathway is for you.

Learn to comp and solo over classic jazz standards as you build authentic jazz vocabulary.

Play full jazz songs AND sound like a jazz guitarist immediately with these engaging workouts.

If you want to test your skill set and learn new material, but don’t have time for a full course, these challenges are perfect for you.

Running from 3 to 7 days, these challenges focus your attention in the practice room as you master blues, jazz, fretboard fundamentals, scales, and more in these challenges.

Grab your guitar and let’s go!

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