Get On The Right Success Path

Each pathway guides you from day 1 of your journey to reaching your guitar playing goals.

For beginners, each success path is developed to follow the courses in order. There's no guessing about where to start or where to go next in your studies. 

For intermediate and advanced players, you can follow the success paths as is, or you can create your own pathways to meet your personal practice goals.

These success paths help you get the maximum progression and fun out of your playing in a stress-free environment

Remember that pathways, courses, and challenges are designed to fit your personal practice schedule and to be completed at your own pace.

Beginner Pathway

Everything you need to begin your guitar journey and develop a lifelong love of guitar all in one place.

Lead Guitar

Solo like a pro with these fun and engaging lead guitar video lessons. Scales, arpeggios, lines, patterns, and much more.

Jazz Standards

Jam along with your favorite jazz standards as you learn chords, scales, arpeggios, lines, basslines, vocabulary, full solos and more.

Fundamentals Pathway

Start your guitar journey on the right foot or fix a problem area on the fretboard, everything you need to play with the best technique possible.

Rhythm Guitar

Get groovy as you learn chords, rhythms, and more with these essential rhythm guitar courses.


Test your guitar skills with these fun, engaging, and educational guitar challenges.