How to Play the Bb Jazz Blues Progression

Grab your guitar, because in today’s practice session you learn how to play fun & cool-sounding chords for the Bb jazz blues progression.


When learning how to play jazz blues, you often learn big, bulky, chords that are tough to play and honestly...don’t sound like jazz at all.


In this lesson, you learn how to play killer jazz blues chords that are easy to play, sound great, and bring an authentic jazz sound to your comping today.


First, you learn each four-bar section one at a time, memorizing the chord shapes as you play.


Next, you add rhythms to your comping as you play the full 12-bar jazz blues progression.


To finish, you comp with these jazz chords over my walking bassline as you jam a full jazz blues progression in less than 15 mins.


Have fun as you learn these chords, add them to your comping, and elevate your jazz chord vocabulary all in one fun practice session.

How to Practice Jazz Blues Chords

Now that you know how to play these chords, here are 5 way that helped me learn and apply jazz blues chords in my playing.

  1. Play the chords and sing the top note of each shape.
  2. Pick the top note first, then the bottom two notes of each chord.
  3. Pick the middle note of each chord first, then the outer two notes.
  4. Add slides and approach chords into your comping with these shapes.
  5. Transpose to one other key and jam with these shapes.

Have fun playing this Bb jazz blues chord progression, and check out these related MWG Courses to take the next step in your jazz guitar journey.