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MWG has everything you need to reach your goals, have fun in the practice room, and express yourself creatively on guitar.

Multimedia Courses

HD video lessons with multiple camera angles to make learning easy. PDF and jam tracks to play online or off.

Live Workshops

Hang out with Matt live in these monthly lessons. Learn new skills and interact with the MWG community in interactive workshops.

Resource Libraries

Answers to every guitar question you can think of can be found in the MWG libraries. Chords, scales, licks, arpeggios, jam tracks, full eBooks… if you can play it on guitar, it's here.

Weekly Office Hours

Every week Matt goes live to take your questions, demonstrate answers, and have a blast with your fellow MWG guitarists. These are "can’t miss." Catch it live or on the exclusive replay.

First Steps

If you’re excited to learn essential guitar skills and want easy-to-follow, step-by-step intro courses to build your musical foundation, then First Steps courses are for you.

15-Minute Workouts

If you want to learn something new but don’t have a lot of time, these quick & concise workouts are for you. Discover enjoyable and creative workouts for all levels.

MWG Camps

Join the MWG community 4 times a year for in-depth, focused study on one topic with live, interactive, workshops. For all levels of experience.

Expert Guidance

MWG gives you 7-day-a-week support directly from Matt and his 25 years of experience playing, performing, and teaching guitar.

Student Showcase

Kathleen, PJ, and MEF perform the jazz standard Black Orpheus.

  1. 3 current All Access members.
  2. Their own creative arrangement.
  3. Filmed and edited as a group.
  4. Community, creativity, and inclusion.
  5. Most importantly...they're having fun!!

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Lessons With the Greats Camp
April 17, 2021

Live Workshops, Exercises, Audio Examples, Jam Tracks...

  • MWG 10-years online special price.
  • Lifetime access to all material.
  • Live workshops & replays.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • 10 full scholarships available.

Learn From the Greats

MWG New Releases

Play classic jazz vocabulary, extract concepts from lines, & learn to hear jazz language in real time.

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Build your jazz guitar foundation with 30 days of fun & guided lessons. Plus join into the Live Workshop.

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Solidify your form, increase your technique, improve your ears, and most importantly, have fun.

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Build your jazz skills and confidence by learning this jazz standard. Enjoy this step-by-step course and live workshop.

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Learn how to play, count, solo with, and syncopate every essential rhythm in modern music.

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Learn easy to play patterns that instantly transform ordinary scales into extraordinary bebop lines and solos.

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Guitar Scales Explained

The Scales Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you learn:

  • Pentatonic Scales
  • Blues Scales
  • Major Scale
  • Natural Minor Scale
  • Harmonic Minor Scale
  • Melodic Minor Scale
  • Diminished Scales
  • Whole Tone Scale

View the FREE Scales Guide


Benefit from Matt's 25+ years of experience teaching, performing, and designing guitar courses and curriculum.


MWG is a thriving community of supportive and encouraging guitarists from all over the world.


Get direct feedback on your playing, quick and helpful answers to questions, and guidance every day of your guitar journey.

What MWG Students Are Sayin'

"I’m playing guitar today only because I saw your site and it helped me through a very tough time. Thanks Matt!" - Brian O.
"I wish you had been around 15 years ago with this. Your courses are very well thought out and your tone is very reasoned and positive. Thank you so very much!!" - Robert Y.
"Your materials got me thorugh difficult times these past few months. The easy to access guides allowed me to fit guitar into some busy times and keep learning when time is short. Thank you!" - Rob J.
"I've met so many good players, teachers, unable to work with positive feedback. You seem to be a people person, makes personal connections first, then teaching from there." - Kirk S.
"I’ve been frustrated with my picking for ages. Within the first 8 minutes of the course, I had a major light bulb moment. Thanks Matt! " - David M.
"Had you told me that I was going to be able to play scales, guide tones, arpeggios, multiple chords, chord melody, arranging tunes, etc., I’d have laughed and said that was impossible. And here I am 1 year later, doing it! " - Mef E.

10 Years of MWG Online

10 years is a long time…but it passes in the blink of an eye. It seems like just yesterday that I started Matt Warnock Guitar, now MWG, in my tiny Brazilian apartment.

What began as a jazz guitar lesson site in 2011, has grown into the online destination for creative guitarists all over the world a decade later.

With 100s of courses, workshops, camps, libraries, and lessons, there’s something for every guitarist at MWG…with new content added weekly.

In 2021 we’re celebrating 10 years of MWG, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for being in the MWG community and here’s to many more years of jamming together!

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  • $20,000 Awarded in 2021

Thank you for your support and for making these scholarships possible.

For more information or to apply for an MWG scholarship, email Matt at [email protected]

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