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"Like many guitarists, I grew up listening to classic rock and blues.

And I still love those styles of music.

But it’s the improvisation I really love, and that’s what drew me to jazz.

My love of jazz has taken me from a small town in Canada around the globe.

I was able to study at three of the top jazz programs in the world.

Starting with McGill University, then Western Michigan, and finishing with a Doctorate in Jazz Guitar Performance from the University of Illinois (UIUC).

It’s also allowed me to teach over 6000 jazz guitar lessons."



These easy-to-follow courses are designed to create a positive experience for you in the practice room.

"Initial thoughts after three lessons are 100% positive. Love the clarity, love the structure, love the brevity of the video lessons and the variety of exercise material. Even reviewing material I thought I already knew, I am finding new stuff and inspiration. In my opinion, as good or better - actually probably better – than any other course on the Internet."

- Will

"Excellent resource. I love your approach to the teaching materials, totally accessible and clear. I’ve only just dipped in and I’ve already found out useful things I can use straight away..."

- Bob