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Learn classic jazz vocabulary alongside an essential standard. Plus join into the Live Workshop.

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Learn classic bebop vocabulary alongside an essential standard. Plus join into the Live Workshop.

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Build your rhythmic fundamentals with creative and technical exercises for all levels.

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Build your jazz skills and confidence by learning this jazz standard. Enjoy this step-by-step course and live workshop.

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Explore 26 different turnarounds, includind Imaj7, Im7, iim7, and IVmaj7 target chords.

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Easy to learn & fun to play practice workouts for all levels. Join live or watch the replay.

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Student Showcase

Kathleen, PJ, and MEF perform the jazz standard Black Orpheus.

  1. 3 current All Access members.
  2. Their own creative arrangement.
  3. Filmed and edited as a group.
  4. Community, creativity, and inclusion.
  5. Most importantly...they're having fun!!

Chord Melody & Solo Guitar Camp
July 12th, 2021

Live Workshops, Exercises, Audio Examples, Jam Tracks...

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Easy 12-bar Blues Chords for Guitar

Blues Chords Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you learn:

  • 12-bar blues form.
  • Open blues chords
  • Barre blues chords
  • Extended blues chords
  • Rootless blues chords
  • 7th, 9th, and 13th chords.
  • The "Hendrix" chord & 7#9,b13.
  • And more!

Learn Blues Chords Here

What MWG Students Are Sayin'

"This is the best of the best guitar sites online. It's like guitar grad school all in one place with a super nice instructor and classmates." - PJ C.
"The easy to access materials, accessible workshops, camps etc. have allowed me to fit guitar around some very busy times and keep my learning at a rate I'm happy with." - Rob J.
"You always find a way to encourage and motivate us. There's a reason that so many people with a positive attitude find a home in this group." - Harvey W.
"Absolutely everyone should check this out. And you won't be disappointed when you sign up - it will be worth every penny." - David T.


Benefit from Matt's 25+ years of experience teaching, performing, and designing guitar courses and curriculum.


MWG is a thriving community of supportive and encouraging guitarists from all over the world.


Get direct feedback on your playing, quick and helpful answers to questions, and guidance every day of your guitar journey.

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160 Hours of Classic PJG Workshops to Stream Any Time.

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What MWG Students Are Sayin'

"I like the way your monthly challenges gives a challenge to Beginner through Advanced players." - Craig J.
"This past year, you've really gone over the top! So much content and great exercises. I don't think I will ever get thru them all!" - Donald M.
"My playing, overall musicianship and appreciation of music has grown and thrived as a result of Matt's teaching and the combined energy of talent of all of the great guitarists who contribute every day." - John P.
"Matt, you're already the best teacher with the best deals on the best courses on the internet. Your generosity is awesome - inspires the rest of us." - Will O.

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10 Years of MWG Online

10 years is a long time…but it passes in the blink of an eye. It seems like just yesterday that I started Matt Warnock Guitar, now MWG, in my tiny Brazilian apartment.

What began as a jazz guitar lesson site in 2011, has grown into the online destination for creative guitarists all over the world a decade later.

With 100s of courses, workshops, camps, libraries, and lessons, there’s something for every guitarist at MWG…with new content added weekly.

In 2021 we’re celebrating 10 years of MWG, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for being in the MWG community and here’s to many more years of jamming together!

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  • $20,000 Awarded in 2021

Thank you for your support and for making these scholarships possible.

For more information or to apply for an MWG scholarship, email Matt at [email protected]

P.J.'s All Access Story

"I got the whole enchilada and I cannot tell you how helpful it’s been! It’s like the guitar Library of Congress. Triads? Yup. Scales? Yup. Need to know some new chords and comping? Yup. Arpeggios? Yup. More standards than I’ll ever need? Yup. Chord melody courses? Yup. Not to mention a lick library par excellence. It’s like having Matt on speed dial. And you can post on the MWG site for feedback. I once unsubscribed due to an emergent money issue and that was a mistake. ️It’s more than you’ll ever get on Patreon or anywhere else. And to boot, it’s all in Matt’s excellently organized teaching style. I’ve used it to learn several tunes, and to enhance my playing overall. I hate to sound Ike an infomercial, but I’ve tried so many other teachers and courses that just aren’t as good. You won’t be sorry, in my opinion." - P.J. Christopher.

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What MWG Students Are Sayin'

"MWG is at the top of my list for all things guitar related. I'm happy to be a member." - David E.
"I’m playing guitar today only because I saw your site and it helped me through a very tough time. Thanks Matt!" - Brian O.
"I'm mostly a rhythm player, of 30+ years, and your courses are stretching my ability and knowledge in the best way. Thank you for all you do to help people like me continue to grow in guitar." - Andrea H.
"I wish you had been around 15 years ago with this. Your courses are very well thought out and your tone is very reasoned and positive. Thank you so very much!!" - Robert Y.