If you’re excited to learn essential guitar skills and want easy-to-follow, step-by-step intro courses to build your musical foundation, then First Steps courses are for you.

These bite-size, fun, courses are also perfect for more experienced players looking to reinforce fundamentals on the fretboard.

Take the next best steps in your guitar journey with these First Steps courses.

How many times have you wanted to get your guitar out, have fun playing, and learn something new…but because you only had a few minutes to play you didn’t bother?

Well, we’ve got you covered with our 15-minute workouts. Each mini workout gives you a full, well-rounded learning experience in the practice room a quarter of an hour at a time.

Strong passion and limited time? These workouts are for you.

When you need to go deeper into a topic, concept, or technique on guitar, we’ve got you covered with our multimedia courses for players of all backgrounds and experience levels.

With videos, pdfs, audio examples, backing tracks, quizzes, and often live workshops included in each MWG course, you get the learning experience you need to have fun in the practice room and reach your maximum musical potential on the fretboard.

In these exclusive and unique online learning experiences, you learn concepts, material, and guitar techniques in a live and interactive setting.

Since launching in 2020, live workshops have quickly become one of our most popular learning options for GMM guitarists.

Ask questions in real time, meet other GMM guitarists, and take your playing to the next level with lifetime access to all video and supplemental workshop material.

Each week GMM members get together for an hour in an online studio to answer your guitar questions in an interactive setting.

Submit questions ahead of time, or bring them to the weekly meetings, to ensure that you get the answers and direction you need to reach your maximum musical potential.

Oh, and we’re a friendly, welcoming bunch that enjoys a good laugh as much as we love playing guitar. Come on by, bring a question, and enjoy interacting with the MWG community.

When you want to learn a new chord, scale, triad, warm-up exercise, or any guitar concept or technique, and you don’t want to dive into a full course, we’ve got what you need with MWG Libraries.

These easy-to-access resource libraries give you only the essentials so you can quickly add new devices, concepts, and workouts to your playing in seconds.

Get the exact info you need quickly and effectively as you take your playing to the next level on the fretboard.

This one time, at band camp….I learned new guitar skills, met new players, and had a blast! One of my favorite memories growing up was going to guitar camps.

I learned new skills, immersed myself into music, and met players from all over that I still have relationships with today.

With MWG Camps, you get this same positive learning experience all without leaving your couch.

Take a deep dive into essential guitar skills and concepts through live, interactive workshops, office hours, and supplementary material.

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