Live Workshop: May 18th, 2021

Free Chapter Lessson -Chords & Comping

Watermelon Man Chords & Comping Preview

In this preview lesson, you:

  • Learn piano chords from recording.
  • Comp over a full jam track.
  • Explore double stops.
  • Play essential jazz chords.

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Watermelon Man Course Preview

This study guide covers every essential element of Watermelon Man. Complete with PDF, Mp3 downloads, and a live workshop. View the full course contents below.

Watermelon Man Workshop

60-minute workshop & replay where I pull back the curtains and show you how I think about and approach this classic jazz standard on the fretboard.


Learn the ins and outs of Watermelon Man including the key, form, progression, and more.

Watermelon Man Chords & Comping

Learn how to comp authentic jazz chords over Watermelon Man, with chord shapes, full chord studies, and bassline studies for solo & duo comping.

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Watermelon Man Soloing Concepts

Learn how to solo over Watermelon Man with confidence, and build your dominant 7th improvisational skill set at the same time with these creative workouts.

Watermelon Man Jam Sesh

Learn by jamming with a more experienced! Finish up your Watermelon Man studies by comping, soloing, and trading together over the tune.