Rhythm Guitar Success Path

There’s something downright cool and fun about playing rhythm guitar.

Whether it’s learning new chord shapes, jamming on a funky groove behind a soloist, or accompanying yourself singing your favorite song, rhythm guitar is a blast.

While you may love to play rhythm guitar, it’s not always clear where to start or where to go next to get the most out of your studies.

This is where the rhythm guitar success path comes into play.

These courses teach you everything you need to become a rhythm guitar master.

From chords, to rhythms, fingerpicking, strumming, basslines, and more, this is the place to be to take your rhythm skills to the next level.

Courses are added every month so check back often for new additions to this success path.

Your path to rhythm guitar success starts here, take the first step today.  


1. 15 Essential Beginner Guitar Chords

Step-by-Step Guide to Learning Open Chords and Essential Chord Progressions for Beginners


2. Barre Chords for Guitar

Step-by-step guide to learning barre chords and essential chord progressions.


3. 3 Day Blues Rhythm Guitar Challenge

Test your skills and build confidence with blues rhythm guitar.


4. Melodic Blues Comping Workshop Pack

Play creative rhythm blues guitar with confidence and without spending all your time practicing.


5. Chord Melody Essentials

A 3-Step System for Creating Call and Response Chord Melodies on Guitar.


6. 5 Blues Guitar Lessons

Take your blues playing to the next level with 5 essential step-by-step lessons.


7. Beginner’s Guide to Jazz Guitar

A step-by-step course to solo and comp in an authentic jazz style.


8. Bossa Nova 1

4 easy steps to playing authentic bossa nova chord patterns on guitar.


9. Bossa Nova 2

Step-by-step course to play bossa nova guitar with authenticity and confidence.


10. Samba Guitar 1

Step-by-step guide to playing authentic Brazilian guitar rhythms.


11. Samba Guitar 2

Step-by-step guide to playing authentic Brazilian guitar rhythms.


12. Creative Comping

How to turn chords into musical phrases & become a rhythm guitar pro.


13. Walking Basslines

How to play killer basslines over any song in 4 easy steps.