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Fingerpicking Essentials Lesson

In this preview lesson, you:

  • Learn about PIMA fingerpicking.
  • Fingerpick chords & single notes.
  • Play fingerstyle with rockin' techinque.
  • Learn fingerpicking by being creative.

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Included Courses

Learn blues chords, rhythms, and picking patterns as you work up to jamming over a full blues song in 3 days of practicing.

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Strum with a relaxed posture, accurate attacks, and full, fat tone- all the essentials for every guitarist.

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Creating a rock-solid foundation in your picking sets you up for guaranteed future success on the fretboard.

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The exact techniques you need to fingerpick with 100% accuracy, relaxed hands, fat tone, and awesome speed.

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Play open guitar chords with accuracy and confidence, all while jamming over popular chord progressions.

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Master barre chords with relaxed hands, proper technique, and maximum confidence on the fretboard.

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1 easy formula and creative, step-by-step exercises that guarantee you can name every note on the fretboard.

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Learn how to play accurate, clean, and powerful hammer ons - a must-know technique for every player.

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Technique that guarantees every pull off you play has pro-level volume control, tone, and accuracy.

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Matt walks you step-by-step from day 1 to trill mastery as you solo your way to trill perfection.

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If you’re tired of playing in one position, or you hate string noise when shifting, you’re in the right place with this course.

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Destroy bad habits, play clean and accurate slides, and have fun soloing while nailing this essential skill.

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Fix any and all barre issues, fly across the strings with little effort, and play smoother with a solid legato feel.

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Easy to learn & fun to play theory with creative lessons for all levels. Join LIVE or watch the replay.

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What You Learn With The Starter Kit


Creative Techniques

Play any song, solo, & jam session with relaxed & accurate technique. Makes playing easy.

  • Hammers, pulls, & trills.
  • Slides & shifts.
  • Combo techinques.
  • Much more…

Must Know Chords

Play all of your favorite songs with ease after nailing these essnetial chord shapes.

  • Open chord shapes.
  • Easy barre chords.
  • Play chords in all 12 keys.
  • Much more…

Picking Essentials

Build solid picking-hand technique with fun & creative workouts for all levels.

  • Flatpick workouts.
  • Fingerpicking lessons.
  • Strumming patterns.
  • Much more…

Easy-to-Follow Lessons for Every Learning Style

The step-by-step guidance you need, with the personal attention you deserve.

The Starter Kit is for you if...


New to Guitar listen to guitarists and are ready to play guitar, you just need a push in the right direction.

  • Want to play guitar.
  • Haven’t started yet.
  • Started learning but got stuck.
  • Much more…

Stuck in a Rut're tired of YT videos, text lessons, and eBooks that are more confusing than helpful.

  • Tired of aimless YT videos.
  • Bored of the same old exercises.
  • Are a creative guitarist.
  • Much more…

Ready for Creativity want to express yourself on guitar as you learn to play essentail chords & techniques.

  • Your love to improvise.
  • You’re bored of your playing.
  • Want to be creative every day.
  • Much more…

What You Get With The Starter Kit


14 Full Guitar Courses

Step-by-step courses that guide you through each concept. Makes learning easy and fun!

  • 14 multimedia guitar courses.
  • Step-by-step instruction.
  • Easy to follow and fun to play.
  • Much more…

Multimedia Lessons

No matter how you prefer to learn, video, PDF, audio, these lessons have you covered.

  • PDFs with diagrams/TAB.
  • Audio examples and jam tracks.
  • Videos you can slow down.
  • Much more…

365 Degree Support

With 20+ years of experience, you always have expert advice and guidance to rely on.

  • Personalized feedback.
  • 7 days per week support.
  • 20+ years teaching experience.
  • Much more…

What Starter Kit Students Are Sayin'

"You've done a stellar job building this guitar community of learners and it keeps getter better!! This is the truly the best guitar site I’ve ever seen, where learners can participate and grow. Thanks for all your excellent lessons, workshops, and resources!" - Kathleen H.
"Thanks to you and your team Matt. Learning guitar with your materials has got me through difficult times in the last few months. The lessons have allows me to fit guitar around some very busy times and keep learning at a rate I’m happy with." - Rob J.
"You provide a fantastic environment where everyone can express themselves through music. You always find a way to encourage and motivate us. There is a reason that so many positive people find a home at MWG." - Harvey W.

The MWG Experience



Benefit from Matt's lifetime of studying, performing, and teaching players of all experience levels.

  • Doctorate in Jazz Performance
  • 25+ Years Teaching Guitar
  • 2000+ Live Performances
  • 8000+ Private Lessons Taught
  • 2500+ Online Lessons Published


Discover a welcoming and encouraging community of guitarists just like yourself.

  • Welcoming Group of Guitarists
  • Friendly, Global Community
  • Encouragement From Your Peers
  • Learn From Fellow Players
  • Make Guitar Friends For Life


Reach your maximum potential on your own schedule with expert, personalized guidance.

  • Personal Learning Pathways
  • Tailored Ways to Learn
  • Options for Every Learning Style
  • Learn by Jamming with Matt
  • Unique Performance Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the courses start and finish?

Once you sign up, you have lifetime access to the courses. Play at your own pace, there’s no deadline to finish.

How long do I have access to the coursse?

You have 24/7/365 lifetime access to the courses.

What if I decide the course pack isn’t for me?

The courses are absolutely free. If they're not for you, just leave them, all good.

What type of guitar do I need for this course pack?

You can use a nylon string, electric, or acoustic guitar for this course pack. Any guitar is cool, so go with what’s comfortable for you.

What do I do if I need help?

Contact Matt on the Help Page to receive expert support 7 days a week.