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Jazz Guitar Lessons

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5 Levels of Jazz Blues Chords

Drop 2

Drop 3

Rootless Chords

Easy 12-bar Blues Chords for Guitar

Easy Blues

Blues Chords

Blues Rhythms

3 George Benson Chord Licks


Chromatic Chords

Rootless Chords

Drop 2 Turnarounds - 4321 String Set


ii-V-I-VI Chord

Drop Chords

Easy Jazz Guitar Chord Chart

Jazz Chords

ii-V-I Chords

Easy Jazz

Joe Pass Dominant Chords

9th Chords

13ths Chords

7alt Chords

Jazz Comping

4 Lenny Breau Blues Chord Studies

Guide Tones

3rds & 7ths

Jazz Blues

Easy ii V I Chords for Guitar

ii-V-I Chords

Jazz Chords

Easy Jazz

How to Play Chords Like Wes Montgomery

Dim7 Chords

Chord Subs

ii-V-I Chords

How to Play Jazz Guitar Chords

Jazz Chords

Extended Chords

Easy Jazz

Jazz Soloing

3 George Benson Double Time Lines



Passing Notes

3 Wes Montgomery Blues Lines

Major Blues

Minor Blues

ii-V-I Chords

3 Wes Montgomery ii-V-I Octave Line



Blues Scale

5 Must Know Barney Kessel Licks

Barney Kessel

Jazz Licks

Jazz Vocabulary

10 Essential Guide Tone Patterns

ii-V-I Chords

Guide Tones

Voice Leading

Anatomy of a Lick – Bill Evans ii-V-I

Jazz Piano

Bebop Soloing

Scale Patterns

Breaking Down a Classic Wes Montgomery Line

Bebop Scale

Blues Scale

Double Time

Jazz Guitar Soloing Skills – Telling a Story

Leaving Space

Rhythmic Focus

Motivic Development

Rhythm Changes Soloing – The Bridge

Bebop Scale

Jazz Arpeggios

Tritone Subs

So What Chords – Arpeggio Soloing

Bill Evans

4th Chords

Modal Jazz

Jazz Standards

3 Steps to Soloing Over Fast Chord Progressions

Rhythm Changes

Jazz Soloing

Fast Tempos

10 Beginner Jazz Standards

Blue Bossa

Jazz Blues

Autumn Leaves

10 Brazilian Jazz Tunes

Bossa Nova


Brazilian Jazz

All the Things You Are Easy Chords

ATTYA Chords

Easy Jazz

Jazz Chords

How to Play Jazz Guitar

Jazz Soloing

Jazz Chords

Easy Jazz

Jazz Blues Guitar - Piano Style Soloing

Jazz Blues

Easy Jazz

Blues Guitar

Jingle Bells Jazz for Solo Guitar

Christmas Songs

Holiday Songs

Solo Guitar


10 Essential Jazz Guitar Albums

Wes Montgomery

Joe Pass

Jim Hall

Beginner Jazz Guitar - 10 Tips to Get Started

Jazz Jam

Jazz Fundamentals

Jazz Vocabulary

How to Practice Jazz Guitar – Beginner’s Guide

Satin Doll


Maiden Voyage

Jazz Phrasing Exercises for Guitar


Play by Ear


The Three Elements of Music

Jazz Rhythms

Jazz Harmony

Melodic Development

Why I Play Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar



Lenny Breau


7 Must-Know Guitar Scales




Easy Guitar Scales - Pentatonic Soloing Guide

Pentatonic Scale


Box Patterns

Here’s a Quick Way to Solo With Melodic Minor

Melodic Minor


Scale Technique

Jazz Guitar Scales Essential Guide

Jazz Scales

Jazz Soloing

Easy Jazz

MWG All Access - Jazz Guitar Skills

Play First...Theory Later

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