Lead Guitar Success Path

There’s something cool, exciting, and just downright fun about soloing on guitar.

Playing a cool lick, building an energetic solo, and expressing your emotions on 6 strings is something every guitarist can enjoy in their playing.


For many players, learning how to solo can seem out of reach. You love lead guitar but have no idea how to make it happen.

This is where the lead guitar success path comes into play.

By following these courses in order, you learn lead guitar essentials such as arpeggios, scales, modes, licks, phrasing, and more, all while having fun in the practice room.

Courses are updated monthly so check back often for new additions.

Your lead guitar journey starts here, take the first step today. 


1. 5 Blues Guitar Lessons

Take your blues playing to the next level with 5 essential step-by-step lessons.


2. Beginner’s Guide to Jazz Guitar

A step-by-step course to solo and comp in an authentic jazz style.


3. Creative Pentatonics

Step-by-step course to creating solos over any song that sound great and are fun to play.


4. CAGED for Guitar

5 essential major scale shapes that are guaranteed to level up your soloing skills and fretboard knowledge.


5. Blues Guitar 101 - Mode Foundations

An interactive video-based course that teaches you step-by-step how to create authentic blues solos with modes.


6. Bebop Scale

How to master an essential scale & create authentic bebop guitar solos.