If you’re excited to learn essential guitar skills and want easy-to-follow, step-by-step intro courses to build your musical foundation, then First Steps courses are for you.

These bite-size, fun, courses are also perfect for more experienced players looking to reinforce fundamentals on the fretboard.

Take the next best steps in your guitar journey with these First Steps courses.

If you’re ready to explore a new jazz standard, or need a quick refresher on an old favorite, the Anatomy of a Tune lessons are for you.

These quick and comprehensive workouts teach you how each standard is built and how to solo and comp over that standard with confidence and authentic jazz vocabulary.

Everything you need to quickly and fully learn any jazz standard is in these workouts.


Summertime….and the playing is easy. This is one of the most popular and essential jazz standards to learn.

In this course, you learn how to comp and solo over Summertime with confidence and authentic jazz vocabulary.

Get ready to level up your playing and have a blast in the practice room as you learn this essential jazz tune.

9 Videos  |  17 PDFs  |  15 Backing Tracks


In this step-by-step course, you discover why jazz guitarists of all levels and backgrounds love to play All BLues.

Come along for a jazz journey as Matt leads you from the analysis and piano riff, through soloing and chord techniques, and finishing with a jam together on the tune!

Everything you need to play All Blues with confidence and authentic jazz vocabulary is in this course.

11 Videos  |  10 PDFs  |  29 Mp3s


Dig into this classic jazz standard as you learn how to play Miles’ piano intro, his chord changes to this tune, comping, soloing, and much more.

Discover how to solo with confidence over this tune with only 3 scales and how to comp with easy, cool-sounding shapes.

Everything you need to jam Bye Bye Blackbird with confidence and authentic jazz vocabulary is in this course. Grab your guitar and take your jazz skills to the next level today.

12 Videos  |  14 PDFs  |  5 Backing Tracks


You can’t play jazz without playin’ the blues. And in this study guide, you learn how to play jazz blues with authenticity and real-world vocabulary.

Get your feet wet, or take a deeper dive, with this classic jazz form and progression.

If you’re new to jazz, this is a great place to start, especially if you come from a rock or blues background.

9 Videos  |  17 PDFs  |  38 Backing Tracks


Dive into the minor side of jazz blues as you use creativity and step-by-step workouts to master this essential jazz form. If you love Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, and others, then this course is for you.

Take your jazz guitar skills to the next level and master an essential 12-bar progression with these exciting workouts.

10 Videos  |  20 PDFs  |  30 Backing Tracks


If you try to play jazz guitar without working on ii-V-I chords, it’s like pushing a boulder up a hill... a greased hill.

Pent Up House teaches you how to play this essential jazz standard AND how to comp and solo over ii-V-I changes with confidence and real bebop language. This material is 100% essential for every jazz guitarist to learn.

10 Videos  |  10 PDFs  |  20 Backing Tracks


Major ii-V-Is. Minor ii-V-Is. iii-VI-ii-V turnarounds. Autumn Leaves has it all. Which is why it’s one of the most essential jazz songs to learn.

When you learn how to comp and solo over Autumn Leaves, you literally learn to comp and solo over hundreds of other jazz standards with similar progressions. If you only learn one jazz song, Autumn Leaves should be it.

17 Videos  |  9 PDFs  |  13 Backing Tracks


Have you met Miss Jones? If not, you’re in for a fun ride. This song has it all: turnarounds, secondary dominants, Giant Steps chord changes

; you name it, it’s in this progression. By learning Miss Jones, you level up your jazz skill set and make learning every jazz standard going forward that much easier on the fretboard.

10 Videos  |  13 PDFs  |  24 Backing Tracks


If you’ve ever been to a jazz jam session, you know how popular this jazz standard is around the world. If you haven’t gone to a jam session yet, you just learned how important this jazz tune is to learn on the fretboard.

Either way, if you play jazz guitar, you need to know ATTYA. Not only is it a common jam tune, this song levels up your entire chord and scale skill set as you dig into this essential progression on guitar.

13 Videos  |  8 PDFs  |  11 Backing Tracks


Are you ready for a challenge in the practice room? If so, Alone Together is a fun, exciting, and cool-sounding jazz standard to get under your fingers and into your ears.

With an odd form, minor to major movement, and classic ii-V-I variations, this song has something for everyone in the practice room.

Grab your guitar and take your playing to the next level and beyond in this course.

9 Videos  |  13 PDFs  |  10 Backing Tracks


An essential jazz ballad, Body and Soul is a challenging tune to learn if you don’t have a proven, step-by-step method to follow. Luckily, I gotcha covered in this study guide.

With fun, easy-to-understand, and highly beneficial exercises, you learn how to play this must-know tune and level up your overall musicianship and jazz skill set at the same time.

9 Videos  |  18 PDFs  |  19 Backing Tracks


If you want to expand your diminished soloing chops AND learn how to play Latin jazz chords and rhythms on guitar, then Caravan is for you.

This Duke Ellington classic has a 64-bar form, giving you plenty of room to stretch out and explore this tune on the fretboard.

Have fun, learn new concepts, and add a new tune to your jam session list with this study guide.

10 Videos  |  13 PDFs  |  6 Backing Tracks


Did you know that there are at least 6 different (that’s right, different) ii-V-I variations? And, did you know one tune has those 6 different variations? Well, you do now.

By learning this jazz ballad, you add a popular tune to your repertoire and build a rock-solid foundation with these 6 different ii-V-I variations. You can’t afford not to learn this tune.

16 Videos  |  16 PDFs  |  11 Backing Tracks


A fan-favorite bossa nova standard, Wave is a challenging and enjoyable tune to learn on guitar.

With my proven, step-by-step approach to learning standards, you have more fun and zero frustration as you challenge yourself in the practice room and expand your jazz repertoire with Wave. Head to the beach, at least on your fretboard, with this must-know standard.

9 Videos  |  7 PDFs  |  6 Backing Tracks


As one of the most essential forms in all of jazz music, Rhythm Changes is a must-know for every jazz guitarist. With fast-moving chords, a cycle bridge, and secondary V7s and ii-Vs, RC poses a unique challenge in the practice room.

But don’t fret; with my step-by-step method you will grow your skills and confidence with this 32-bar standard as you learn authentic jazz vocabulary over these chords.

9 Videos  |  17 PDFs  |  34 Backing Tracks

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