Jazz Standards Success Path

When I started exploring jazz on guitar, I had two main thoughts going on, “Man, I love this music, and I have no clue how to get started learning it.”

Many guitarists are in the same boat when it comes to their personal jazz guitar journey, which is why we created the jazz guitar success path.

Each of these standard study guides is presented in an order that leads you from beginning to advanced jazz guitar concepts.

As well, each individual study guide has material for complete beginners all the way up to seasoned pros and everyone in between.

Learning jazz can seem like a tough hill to climb in the practice room, but it doesn’t have to be.

By following this success path, you have fun, learn to play like your favorite jazz guitarist, and build your overall guitar skill set all at the same time.

Can’t go wrong there.

New courses are added monthly so check back for new additions to enjoy in your studies.

Your journey to jazz guitar success starts here, take the first step today. 


1. Summertime

Play Summertime with confidence and authenticity without any wasted practice time.


2. Jazz Blues

Essential jazz blues primer for guitar. Proven system for learning jazz blues soloing, chords, and more.


3. Minor Jazz Blues

Step-by-step course to playing minor jazz blues songs with confidence and without spending all your time practicing.


4. Pent Up House

A step-by-step course to master ii-V-I soloing and chord skills that last a lifetime.


5. Autumn Leaves

How to play the most important jazz standard & master essential ii-V-I soloing and chord concepts.


6. Body and Soul

Step-by-step course to playing Body and Soul with confidence and without spending all your time practicing.


7. I Fall In Love Too Easily

Essential jazz ballad in the style of Chet Baker with 6 different ii-V-I's


8. Wave

How to play an essential bossa nova song & learn authentic Brazilian jazz concepts.


9. Rhythm Changes

A step-by-step course to build skills and confidence in your rhythm changes solos, comping, and basslines.