Jazz Blues Study Guide

You can’t play jazz without blues and this course gives you everything you need to play jazz blues like a true jazz guitarist.

  • Comping Concepts
  • Learn by Soloing
  • Increased Technique
  • Learn to Hear Jazz Blues Changes

Jazz Blues Preview Lesson

Easy Scales - Bebop Vocabulary - Backing Tracks

What You Learn

Jazz Blues Chords

Jazz Vocabulary

Comping Patterns

Soloing Devices

Jam Session Skills

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What You Get With this Course:

  • 13 Hours of Workshops
  • 21 Video Lessons
  • 21 PDFs Full of Exercises
  • 25 Jam Tracks with Me
  • TAB, Notation, Diagrams
  • Mp3 Backing Tracks
  • Jazz Blues in All Keys
  • Lifetime Access
"My guitar playing, overall musicianship, and appreciation of music has thrived as a result of these lessons. I can’t say enough about Matt and MWG." - Gord S. - Canada

What You Learn

Jazz Blues Chords

Jazz Vocabulary

Comping Patterns

Soloing Devices

Jam Session Skills

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Master Jazz Blues with this Study Guide:

Dive deep into jazz blues essentials, mastering the core techniques and approaches for this vibrant genre.

1. Jazz Blues Chords

Grasp the harmonic richness of jazz blues, laying a robust foundation for advanced expressions.

2. Jazz Blues Soloing

Embark on a journey of melodic exploration, refining your soloing techniques for a soulful expression.

3. Jazz Blues Melodies

Discover the iconic melodies of jazz blues, enriching your repertoire and musical vocabulary.

4. Chord Soloing

Integrate chords and melodies seamlessly, crafting a harmonically rich solo performance.

5. Chord Melody

Delve into the realm of chord melodies, intertwining harmony and melody for a captivating sound.

6. Jazz Blues Language

Acquire the linguistic nuances of jazz blues, integrating classic licks and phrases into your performance.

7. Jazz Ear Training

Hone your aural skills, recognizing and reproducing jazz blues phrases, chords, and progressions with precision.

8. Jam Session Skills

Prepare yourself to shine in jam sessions, confidently expressing your jazz blues expertise.

Play Better Jazz Guitar

Easy Chords - Soloing Skills - Jazz Patterns

Colin Gardiner, Player Profile

Procrastinating guitarist who now plays jazz every day.

Before MWG

  • Wanted to learn jazz guitar, but never started.
  • Had a cancer scare in my family, made me reassess my priorities.
  • Procrastinated in my jazz learning process.
  • Jazz seemed too complex, something I would never learn.

After MWG

  • Removed all personal doubts about playing jazz.
  • Have a consistent practice routine and seeing growth.
  • Playing full jazz standards with confidence.
  • Understand jazz concepts and how to use them in my playing.

“Matt is a terrific teacher. Very knowledgeable and always available. He works hard to make sure that players of all levels are find their way on their jazz guitar journey. As well, the Studio accelerates your progress and expands your interaction with other jazz guitarists. Between the courses, workshops, and Studio, MWG has all the bases covered. I recommend MWG to everyone wanting to learn jazz guitar and guitar in general.” – Colin Gardiner - Australia

Play Better Jazz Guitar

Easy Chords - Soloing Skills - Jazz Patterns

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Any contracts or commitments?

None. You sign up for the course and get instant lifetime access.

2. Are the lessons downloadable?

All PDF, audio examples, and backing tracks are downloadable. Videos are streamed online.

3. What's available to me when I sign up?

Everything. As soon as you sign up, you get full access to every lesson, video, PDF, and backing track.

4. Can I ask you questions directly?

For sure. You can contact me through the comments, instant messenge, email, or carrier pigeon for a super fast response 7 days a week.

5. What if I fall behind?

You can’t fall behind. Every lesson is built so that you work at your own pace and on your schedule. You can even keep track of completed lessons to pick up where you left off after any time away.

6. What if I buy the course and it's not for me?

Not a problem. Let me know within 30 days for a full refund no questions asked.