What You Learn


Outline Every Chord

Learn how your favorite jazz guitarists outline every chord in their solos, starting with only 2 notes.

  • Guide tone outlines.
  • Arpeggio outlines.
  • Mix chord tones and modes easily.
  • Much more…

Melodic Soloing

Discover the exact techniques pro jazz players use to turn scales and arpeggios into killer lines and solos.

  • Turn scales into phrases.
  • Develop your soloing ideas.
  • Phrasing for soloing success.
  • Much more…

Fretboard Confidence

Remove any fretboard “blank spots” as you learn to connect shapes across the entire neck in your solos.

  • Solo in every area of the neck.
  • Solo in every key made easy.
  • Never get lost in the form again.
  • Much more…

Course Preview

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MWG Learning System

1  Learn a new device or concept.
2  Internalize on the fretboard.
3  Apply to a real-life, jam situation.

3 Ways to Improve Your Guitar Skills

  • 3 camera angles
  • Slow down every video
  • 4K and HD videos
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Copious musical examples
  • Easy to follow text exercises
  • Backing Tracks
  • Audio Examples
  • Multiple tempos

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