The Best Way to Practice Guitar Technique

When learning how to play guitar you know that building solid technique is important and should be practiced daily. 

But when you sit down to practice technique you find that you struggle to stay motivated as you work on the same old boring exercises. 

Success in the practice room often comes down to how you answer these two questions: 

1. Are your exercises creative? 

2. Are you playing with solid technique? 

If your exercises are creative, they engage your brain and keep you focused on the task at hand. 

It’s easy to daydream when repeating the same pattern over and over. 

But when you have to switch things up, use your brain to expand the exercise, and use soloing to learn a technique, every exercise keeps you fully engaged

As well, if you practice with poor technique, everything you play will be difficult and you often find your hands tiring after just a few minutes of playing. 

By focusing on always playing with solid technique you make practicing easier, more enjoyable, and more beneficial. 

To help you practice rock-solid technique and use creativity in your studies I’ve put together this essential trill workout

These exercises are engaging, use creativity, and ensure that you practice with solid technique at all times

All of these combine to produce real results in your practicing today. 

Have fun with this trill workout as you develop your guitar technique, get your creative juices flowing, and have fun in the practice room.

Guitar Technique Exercise 1

The first exercise in this lesson works 1-2 trills next to each other as you begin your exploration of this essential guitar technique

Start by playing the exercise without any tempo for a minute or so, just to get the notes and trills under your fingers. 

From there, put on a slow metronome and work the exercise as you focus on rhythmic accuracy and clarity with each trill. 

As always, recording is a great way to listen back and see if your trills are even with volume and rhythm in this exercise. 

It’s tough to listen back to your playing, especially when beginning, and it’s the best way to level up your playing quickly. 

Give it a try and see what you think

Have fun with this trill exercise as you expand your technique in this first workout

Guitar Technique Exercise 2

In the second exercise, you work on 1-2 trills with stretching between each note. 

This can be a tough stretch to play depending on your experience and skill level right now. 

If you try this exercise and it’s beyond your technique, not to worry

Go back to the 1st trill exercise above, work that for 5 more minutes, then move on to the creative exercise below. 

In the future, as stretching becomes easier for you, come back and work this stretch trill workout in your studies. 

If you’re ready to dive into this exercise, and the stretches are ok, put on a metronome, crank your amp, and go for it!

Guitar Soloing Exercise

You’re now ready to test your guitar technique by soloing over a chord progression with the C major blues scale and a ton of trills. 

Start by reviewing the scale position first and soloing with the scale only over the backing track. 

From there, add in as many trills between different notes as you can with fingers 1-2. 

Don’t worry about being musical at this point, focus on adding in as many quality trills as you can between fingers 1-2. 

Once this technique is comfortable in your solos then you can focus more easily on dynamics, phrasing, etc. in your solos. 

Record your solos and listen back to ensure that your trills are even in both volume and rhythms in this exercise. 

Have fun with this creative workout as you solidify your trill technique and have fun in the practice room with this workout. 

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