If you’re excited to learn essential guitar skills and want easy-to-follow, step-by-step intro courses to build your musical foundation, then First Steps courses are for you.

These bite-size, fun, courses are also perfect for more experienced players looking to reinforce fundamentals on the fretboard.

Take the next best steps in your guitar journey with these First Steps courses.


Whether you’re new to blues guitar or are ready to take your blues playing to the next level, this 3-day blues rhythm challenge is for you.

Learn essential blues chords, rhythms, and picking patterns as you work up to jamming over a full blues song in only 3 days of practicing.

Test your skills and take your playing to the next level with this fun guitar challenge.

6 Videos  |  3 PDFs  |  5 Backing Tracks


If you want to level up your blues guitar chops, have fun in the practice room, and do so with step-by-step workouts, then grab your guitar and let’s go!

The 5-day blues guitar challenge takes your playing to the next level with quick, fun, and immensely beneficial workouts.

No need to go down to the crossroads. Save your soul for another day as you have a blast with this blues challenge.

8 Videos  |  5 PDFs  |  3 Backing Tracks


Learn how to build, play, and solo with the major scale once and for all with this exciting 7-day challenge.

In this course, I show you my absolute favorite major scale fingerings. Then, you use creativity and soloing to internalize these shapes on the fretboard so that you never forget them.

Master the major scale and level up your soloing chops with this fun challenge course.

10 Videos  |  7 PDFs  |  7 Backing Tracks


Want to improve your jazz skills? Want to learn a full jazz song, including chord melody?

Want to have fun at the same time? If so, then the jazz guitar song challenge is for you.

In this course you learn authentic jazz vocabulary and apply that material to a full jazz song. Grab your favorite beret, turn down the lights, crank your amp and let’s get jazzy.

3 Videos  |  4 PDFs  |  2 Backing Tracks


It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. And, in this 7-day jazz guitar challenge, you swing your butt off with step-by-step workouts.

These exciting and highly beneficial workouts take your jazz playing to the next level, secure your jazz foundation, and fill your vocabulary with authentic jazz lines and chords.

Listen to Duke and get your swing on with this jazz challenge.

11 Videos  |  8 PDFs  |  9 Backing Tracks


Learn a full song - melody, chords, and soloing - in this 3-day jam session challenge.

Test your skills, build new foundations in your playing, and have a blast as you get up on the virtual bandstand and strut your stuff.

If you’re ready to learn a full song, or want a quick challenge in the practice room, grab your guitar and let’s go!

10 Videos  |  4 PDFs  |  4 Backing Tracks


You’re at a friends house, or you have family over, and there’s a guitar in the room. You try to avoid it, but then you hear the words you’ve come to dread, “Hey, you play guitar.

Why don’t you play us something?” Without a backing track, you struggle to play anything you’re proud of, you jam a few chords, parts of a song, and then put the guitar down, dejected.

While this is a common occurrence for guitarists, it doesn’t have to be.

In this workshop, you learn 2 chord shapes and part of a scale that allow you to play endless solo guitar for yourself, friends, and family. Make solo guitar fun with this must-know material for any guitarist.

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