Fretboard Fundamentals Success Path

Finally master the fretboard without the stress.

A step-by-step layout that takes you from day 1 of your guitar technique journey all the way to complete fretboard mastery.

Stop guessing, start playing, and become the best guitarist you can be with these fun and stress-free courses.

Courses are added every month so check back for updates.

Your pathway to fretboard success is here, take the first step today.


1. Notes on the Neck

Learn the fretboard like the back of your hand in just 15 minutes a day.


2. Slides

How to slide like a pro & build solid technique.


3. Hammer Ons

How to hammer on accurately and build rock solid guitar technique.


4. The Rolle

Make barring, mini-barres, and string skips a breeze with this fun and essential fretboard technique.


5. Pull Offs

Master pull offs, increase your guitar technique, and have fun on the fretboard.


6. Trills

Trill based exercises to level up your technique and build your confidence on the fretboard.


7. Shifting

Fly across the fretboard with ease with these essential and fun exercises.


8. Fingerpicking Essentials

How to fingerpick accurately and authentically & build a lifelong fingerstyle foundation.


9. CAGED for Guitar

5 essential major scale shapes that are guaranteed to level up your soloing skills and fretboard knowledge.