Free Chapter Lessson - 4-Note Arpeggios

4-Note Arps Workout Preview

In this preview lesson, you learn:

  • Maj7, 7, m7, m7b5, dim7, & more.
  • Easy to play fingerings.
  • Play in any key.
  • Solo over songs right away.

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Easy Gutiar Arpeggios Lesson Listing

This course covers every essential element of modern guitar arpeggios. Complete with PDFs, Mp3 downloads, and a live workshop. View the course contents below.

Intro to Guitar Arpeggios

Begin at the beginning...with an intro to arpeggios, the MWG scale system and more.

3-Note Arpeggios

Learn how to play 3-note arpeggios, triads, for major, ninor, diminished, and augmented sounds.

4-Note Arpeggios

Nail maj7, 7, m7, m7b5, dim7, mMaj7, and more with these essential arpeggios and creative workouts.

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5-Note Arpeggios

Add 9th extensions to your arpeggio vocabulary wtih these easy to play and fun to solo with shapes for all levels.

6-Note Arpeggios

m11, 7#11, maj7#11, m11b5, and much more in this essential chapter for modern guitarists.

7-Note Arpeggios

Explore full, 13th arpeggios for every chord type with these must-know fingerings and creative workouts.