Success Path for Beginners

Step-by-step courses that take you from day 1 of your guitar journey all the way to knowing barre chords, notes on the neck, strumming patterns, essential rhythms and more.

Get your guitar journey started off on the right foot as you explore essential techniques with fun and addictive fretboard workouts.

New courses are added every month, so check back for frequent updates.

Your beginner guitar journey starts here, take the first step today. 


1. Strumming Fundamentals

How to Strum Guitar Like a Pro - 4 Essential Patterns - Step-by-step course to strum on guitar with accuracy, confidence, and proper technique.


2. Picking Fundamentals

Pick Like a Pro – 4 Essential Guitar Picking Patterns - How to pick with proper technique & build your overall guitar technique.


3. 15 Essential Beginner Guitar Chords

Step-by-Step Guide to Learning Open Chords and Essential Chord Progressions for Beginners


4. Barre Chords for Guitar

Step-by-step guide to learning barre chords and essential chord progressions.


5. 3 Day Blues Rhythm Guitar Challenge

Test your skills and build confidence with blues rhythm guitar.


6. Notes on the Neck

Learn the Fretboard Like the Back Of Your Hand in Just 15 Minutes a Day.


7. Fingerpicking Essentials

How to Fingerpick Accurately and Authentically & Build a Life Long Fingerstyle Foundation.