The most important jazz chord progression is the major ii-V-I.

Because major ii-V-I’s are the most important, and commonly used, jazz chord progressions, when you get better at ii-V-I’s, you get better at many jazz tunes.

If you can solo and comp over major ii-V-I chords with confidence and authentic vocabulary you can sound great on hundreds, if not thousands, of jazz standards.

While you know that major ii-V-I’s are essential learning, it can be tough to know what to practice when studying these 3 chords.

I want you to have this same positive experience in the practice room, and I want you to be the person who always kills it in your ii-V-I lines and solos.

Because of this, I’ve put together 4 essential chord and 4 essential ii-V-I soloing outlines in this lesson.

Have fun as you learn how to play authentic, exciting, and essential major ii-V-I chord and soloing lines in this lesson.

Click here to expand your major ii-V-I vocabulary.