Learning to play jazz blues is one of the most fun and exciting ways to spend time in the practice room as a guitarist.

The blues is to guitarists like a flame is to a moth. We love to play blues, we can play blues all day, and if we had a choice, I think many of us would only play blues.

Jazz blues is just that’s fun to jam over.

But, while you may love jazz blues soloing, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut playing the same old scales and lines in your solos.

In this lesson, you learn how to apply this piano style approach to jazz blues solos as you level up your playing and have fun in the practice room.

This style, pioneered by legendary guitarist Lenny Breau, mimics the two hands of a piano.

You solo with the blues scale, like the right hand of a piano, and comp between lines with guide tones, like the left hand of a piano.

This style of soloing takes practice so you can move smoothly between chords and lines without losing the form.

But it’s worth every minute in the practice room as you develop a sophisticated and awesome sounding jazz blues soloing technique.

Click here to explore this pianistic soloing style in your playing.