I think you’ll agree that chord melody on guitar is fun and exciting to listen to.

In the hands of an experienced player, chord melody can sound like magic, like something channeled from the heavens onto the fretboard.

Joe Pass, Lenny Breau, Johnny Smith, and many other jazz guitarists were masters of chord melody who inspired generations of players to play in this style.


While you enjoy listening to chord melody, learning how to play chord melody seems like the mount Everest of jazz guitar to climb in the practice room.

I felt this way when I was starting out with jazz guitar. I loved chord melody on records but had no idea where to start.

So, I did what had always helped me in the practice room, I learned chord melody arrangements and broke them down into small, easy to understand chunk

I quickly learned that there wasn’t one way of playing chord melody, and in fact, I could get started writing my own chord melodies with just two-note chord shapes.

It’s this approach to chord melody, call and response with the melody and guide tones, that you learn how to play in this lesson.

Click here to explore this exciting, easy to play, and cool-sounding approach to chord melody on guitar.